Michael Liddle Q&A – September 2022

First off mate, I have to start with that goal at Stockport.. the finish.. the Cruyff turn.. in fact what where you even doing up there!?

Alun sent me on wide left in front of busted to be solid and make sure of the draw…the rest is history as they say. Best thing about that was I had to run after, I walked back in the changey and started shouting “don’t worry boys I’ll save you’s”. Hadn’t realised that Alun was in the middle of a heartfelt, emotional speech because he thought he was leaving. All the lads looked at me like I’d just farted at a funeral!

For a bloke who’s turning 33 later this year you’ve gotten fairly lucky with the hairline I’d say, especially compared to some of the younger lads. What’s your secret?

I’m just a master of disguise. Have always had a shite hairline I’ve just perfected the sweep to conceal it. Also I make sure to stand next to Rhys often so it looks better in comparison.

I could be wrong but I think you’re the only player in the squad with some international experience (5 caps for the Republic of Ireland U21’s) and before you even played any senior football! How much did those experiences help you back in the day?

I loved the Ireland stuff. Had some class trips and was really good to test yourself against real high quality players! Those experiences definitely helped me a lot.

If I’m right in thinking you were actually on trial with Blyth in 2015 (a year before Lids actually signed for Blyth) before linking up with Dunston. What stopped you from signing for Spartans that summer?

Bit of a long, boring story. I was training with Blyth then Spenny came in and I had a missus from Durham at the time. I was going to sign there then Hibs offered me a trial, I went up but did my knee in match, ended up not playing for 6 month, playing for Dunston at the end of the season to get fit then signing for Blyth the season after, the rest is history.

You and the lads seem to have reacted really well and gotten some great results since Fents came in. How have things changed since he arrived and has got you training with the strikers to improve your one on ones yet?

I think the intensity has gone up, in training mostly and that’s rolled over to games. All the lads are enjoying working with him and he knows how to push us so hopefully just the start!

Out of all the lads, who do you think has the best and worst dress sense?

Wow this is a tough one. We’ve not had a team night out yet so can’t judge any of the new lads. Matty Cornish is a cool lad. I’ll have to get back to you on the worst after I’ve seen everyone.

By now you’ve been in senior football for about 13/14 years now? What’s been your biggest achievement or proudest moment in your career thus far?

Aye it’s been a while 👴🏻😅 it was probably getting my first Ireland 21’s cap. Me mam is Irish and she was buzzing and some of my family in Ireland had gone to watch as well, looking back that was a really good time.

You’ve obviously played at various levels across the football league and non-league, who’s been the most talented player you’ve played alongside and why?

The easy answer is Jordan Henderson because of what he’s done in the game now, he was never the best when we were really young but just got better and better and worked his nuts off, deserves everything he accomplished. But a shout out for our leader, Robbiedinho. Honestly I can’t say enough good things about the man, especially those first couple of years at Blyth playing behind him was just a pleasure. Knowing I could just roll the ball to him and it would probably end up in a goal or chance, without a doubt he’d have got into any of the teams I’ve played in!

Lastly, I’ve heard you struggle to get home on the metro after a drink? Care to explain?

Haha, I’ve never been great understanding the metro system, I’m a simple lad. Combining that with my penchant for napping after sinking a few, which is something I’ve inherited from me father, I’ve had a couple of longer than planned trips to get some. I’ll be sticking to Ubers from now on.