Fan Q&A – Liam Allan

1. Mate you’ve been following Blyth for pretty much as long as much. What’s your favourite story you can give me from an awayday?

I have quite a few but it has to be Chrissy Lee and John Brown with there Oscar winning performance at Curzon Ashton. Runner up has to be Burty when he had an accident on the bus and hid his kegs behind the radiator at Harrogate and they were still there for numerous seasons after.

2. Shag Marry Kill. Hendy, Parker or Soulsby?

Shag – Soulsby as he’ll not be able to remember it Marry – Parker he’s pretty much Turkish and I’ll get my hair transplant cheap Kill – Hendy as his first name is shit

3. You’ve obviously been coming with your Dad to Spartans for over 15 years now, what’s some of your favourite memories coming to Spartans with him?

It has to be Spennymoor, I wanted an ice cream (that’s how long ago it was) and apparently the driver asked if everyone had everything and me Dad said “aye I have my gloves, scarf and hat”. In the meantime I’m sprinting down the street behind the bus with my ice cream. I finally caught up with the bus and that’s when Gary realised he forgot his son.

4. You’ve been to some absolutely twatful places with us over the years. What’s the biggest shithole you’ve been to and why?

That’s easy. Frickley. What an absolute shithole.

5. You’re a fellow shirt connoisseur. Top 3 favourite Spartans shirts and why?

1st – 2005-2007 Home Shirt. Sentimental reasons, my first season watching Blyth they were wearing this shirt. Nationwide sleeve sponsors which were peeling off. Huge white gap in the middle. It wasn’t the best of designs but it’s the player who wore it. Scott Bell, Robbie, the Gildea’s that’s what made the shirt. 2nd – 2006-2008 away kit. Simplicity and love a centred badge. 3rd – This could be a bit controversial but loved the ICIS home kit from 1999. Cracking shirt.

6. 2008/09 cup run or 2014/15 cup run, as a fan which meant more to you?

That’s a tough one but I have to say 2008/09, it’s crazy to think we actually flew with Ryanair for a Blyth away game. As Twinny said the 2014/15 third round draw against Birmingham was an “anti climax”.

7. Lastly, how would you like to see the club improve in the future?

Communication is key. I’d like to see the club actually interact with the fans and take views on board. Build a community, we all want the same thing.