Rhys Evans Q&A – August 2022

Blyth’s very own make a wish player Rhys Evans has kindly done a very informal Q&A ahead of the new season.

Somehow you’ve been here 3 years! Making you (technically) our longest serving player. Apart from having a lot less hair, how do you feel you’ve changed since you first joined the club?

I’ve became more experienced definitely, I obviously hadn’t played at this level before coming to the club but I have played nearly 100 games at the level now.

Obviously the 3 seasons you’ve played in have been wrecked by Covid and relegation battles but what’s been the highlight of your time at Blyth so far?

My highlight would probably be the Gateshead games in my first year. Beating them away, then the last minute equaliser in the home game. Although staying up last year was a big achievement too.

How are the Jolly Bowman gunna get on this season? (For those that don’t know Rhys manages* at the Jolly Bowman. *Stands round and lets Dale Pearson and Callum Glendenning de all the work)

Hopefully promotion and at least one other cup win. We’ve recruited some good players. #UpTheBowman

It’s hardly been a secret that you turned down a good offer from another local side this summer to stay at Blyth. What kept you at the club?

I don’t think it’s a secret of how much I enjoy playing for this club. I love it here, and never wanted to move. I want to achieve good things here and spend as much time as I can playing for this club.

Obviously the squad is a bit younger this season. Who’d you reckon will be the star men this season?

I think the squad is looking good this year and we’ve made some really good additions. I think Gillies will be like a new signing and hopefully he stays fit because he will definitely make a difference. Young Corey, has proved how good he can be and he’s only going to get better.

How jealous are you of Macca’s hairline?

I am jealous of maccas hair line, but I am not jealous of his trim. Never puts any product on it, always just looks like he’s just got out of bed. He should ask JJ to borrow some of his, he uses roughly 1 bottle of shockwaves an hour.

It’s fair to say a few supporters have some mixed feelings going into tomorrow. What message would have you for us going into the new season?

Be positive and confident. Since I signed for the club, we’ve had some really really tough seasons. But the fans have never turned their backs on us and still turned up in their numbers and backed us. I know it’s a cliche but that support has really pushed us on in time of need and I am sure that will continue

Finally, who’s the longest in the shower? And we know it’s not ye so don’t even try it.

I don’t think anyone really stands out for longest in the shower. Danny Barlow is a contender but with him being a midget it’s hard to tell how long he is actually in for. Al Mitchell also a contender he takes a while. Usually has to keep his gloves on while he’s in there.