An Open Letter to players and management team of Blyth Spartans AFC

It probably goes without saying lads, but we really didn’t want to have to be doing this again this year.

At times this season you’ve troubled the play offs and at one point even topped the league! Now though with just 90 minutes of football left to play, we find ourselves plunged into the mire of yet another relegation battle and realistically, needing a win on the final day of the season to secure safety once again.

After watching you soar so high at times this season, witnessing the drop off in form since the end of January has been quite frankly, brutal to endure. Seeing just 2 wins in the last 3 months has completely flattened the morale of just about every supporter of the football club. 

The nature of some of the defeats we’ve endured in that time has left most supporters absolutely dejected and largely inconsolable. Our form of late has been that bad, a fair few supporters think some of you have given up the fight, and simply aren’t putting in the effort in anymore. In all honesty I hope that pisses you all off as quite frankly, it should do. 

In fairness, we can understand why some supporters feel that way. In recent weeks we’ve failed to get the job done in several games against teams in and around the relegation zone – and most of those games really weren’t fun to watch. On top of that, across the season we’ve seen this team blow so many late leads and giveaway a huge amount of points in the dying embers of games. At times the nature of some of those blown leads and lost points have been quite frankly nauseating.

The thing that annoys us all is quite simply, we know you’re better than this. You’re better than what we’ve seen in recent weeks and you’re a lot better than the teams in and around this relegation battle. We’ve seen you dominate and play some incredible football all while out working the best in this league. We’ve even seen you make some of the best players this league has to offer look like they belong on Broadway Field on a Sunday morning.

Come Saturday lads, all we ask from you that is you put in another one of those shifts and show us you’re still the same team that’s capable of going up against and even bettering the very best this league has to offer. 

Show those who doubt you and think that you’ve given up just how fucking wrong they are. Wear that famous green and white shirt with pride from the get go and show every single one of us just how much it means to you to play for this football club.

It’s in your hands now, and we’ll be backing you all the way on Saturday.