Wrexham Bus – 4QR Tuesday 15 October

Hope you’re all able to hoy a holiday in or chuck a sicky in for this one! After Saturday’s game it’s more than fair to say we deserved something from that so, we go again Tuesday!

As per normal, the bus is leaving from The Wallaw (14 Union St, Blyth NE24 2DX) at 2pm. Expect most of the lads will be in earlier for a few pints etc so feel free to tag along.

Obviously if you miss the departure time, we won’t be able to offer a refund.

We’ll be parking up at the Racecourse Ground and going over to the Plas Coch pub which is a 5 min walk away from the ground for a pint or 4. They also service pints on the concourse at the Racecourse but can’t go into the stands with them.

Blyth fans are being housed in block LY2. For tickets, these need to be purchased online. You can create an account to do so here – www.eticketing.co.uk/wrexhamafc and once you’ve done that, follow this link to actually purchase a ticket – https://tinyurl.com/wrexhamvblythspartansawayfans.

At the time of writing these links don’t seem to available just yet. even after creating an account. So hopefully we’ll get an update on that soon.

For the moment we only have the one bus booked (with Maynards) but chances are we’ll need another. Until 5pm tonight, only Green Army members can book on the bus as it’s only fair they get priority. So for members, please get in touch ASAP and non-members, hit us up at 5pm today! Currently we’ve already sold 35 seats for the bus so far.

Prices are as follows.

Green Army members – £28

Non members – £33

For payment, please send them to the usual spot.

Dan Rolls – 10594849 – 20-25-36

We’ll let you know if the first bus sells out ASAP, and start taking names for bus 2.