World Cup at the Comrades

With the Spartans Clubhouse not opening up for the World Cup games, if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the festivities of the World Cup, The Comrades (91 Wright St, Blyth NE24 1HG) will once again have the massive screen in the concert hall! For just £10 you can get a reserved seat for all the group games, and hopefully beyond.

Having spent the Euro’s on the piss in the club with Covid restrictions aplenty, I can assure you the atmosphere will be class. Especially if Pieface gets on Jack Daniels and coke.

To book seats/a table with mates, drop Brian Ord a message on Facebook.

The club has a wide variety of lagers, ciders and spirits available with bottles of lager starting at under £2! Would highly recommend the double gin’s but you must ask for a mini parasol, other wise it’s pointless ordering one.

Plenty of Sarni’s as well as your usual bar food on offer as well.