Why I Love Blyth Spartans – Matt Justice

Some call it a love affair. Some call it stupid. Most just wonder why I choose to follow a team in the sixth tier of English football. Let’s dive into the heart and soul of a club that has stolen mine.

Like most of you, I’ve experienced both the agony and ecstasy of non-league football. From that unbeatable winning feeling after overcoming the odds, to that rinse and repeat scenario of 4+ hours home after a great day out with your pals, and the only thing that ruined it was the football. No matter what though, if there’s the smallest glimmer of hope, we’ll be there backing the lads donning the famous green and white. 

The moment you step foot into Croft Park, the sights, smells and familiar faces that have become family fill you with home comforts that you simply can’t get from any other ground. You know you’re part of something special. It’s a football experience like no other.

Following Blyth on the road means bracing yourself for adventures to the far reaches of the North – a whirlwind tour through the arse end of nowhere, where it seems excitement and culture have gone to hibernate. Pair that with a display of lacklustre football, it’s a combination that would have most questioning their life choices. However, this world away from the glitzy stadiums and superstar players is where the real essence of the beautiful game lies. It’s where my love for Blyth Spartans began, and what a love affair it has been!

Following this club isn’t just about what happens on the pitch; it’s about the community that rallies around it, from top to bottom. From the volunteers who put their heart and soul into every matchday to the local businesses that sponsor and support the team, it’s a collective effort that make this club truly special.

As we continue to ride the rollercoaster of emotions throughout the season, there’s one thing that remains constant: the unwavering support for our beloved team. Wins, losses, draws – they don’t matter as much as the love we have for our club. It’s a passion that transcends leagues and divisions, bringing us together as one big football family.

So, if you find yourself yearning for an authentic football experience, you’ll be hard pressed to find one better than Blyth Spartans. Other clubs may be able to spend millions on the very best that money can buy. But the memories I’ve made following this club? Priceless.

Up the Blyth!