Scunthorpe Bus Info (13/4/24)

Having been bombarded with messages about this one for months, I thought make a start on ascertaining the expected numbers for Scunny away on Saturday 13th April.

Please note this post is just to try and gain an idea for numbers, and we aren’t taking names down for the bus just yet.

Instead of a fancy dress day, the lads have already suggested that we make it a ‘retro shirt day’. So dig out your favourite old school tops, if you can fit into them that is 😂

The would leave from Spoons at 9:30am, with the usual High Pit and Delaval pick ups. As ever, members (and people with credit) would have priority when booking. If we do get huge numbers, a 2nd bus would obviously be required.

We’d hopefully rock up at a pub for a few hours before going across to the ground to catch the Toon game, as the only bar close to the ground has a Wacky Warehouse attached to it 😅

Price atm is TBC.

If you’d like to register your interest, please just drop us a message on the socials or email