Player of the Month 2023/24 round up

With the season over, we figured we’d count up all the votes to work out who was the most consistently voted for player across the season. As a quick reminder, here’s who won each individual month.

August – Nicky Deverdics
September – Will McGowan
October – Will McGowan
November – Mika Ndjoli
December – Finn Cousin Dawson
January – Michael Liddle
February – Nicky Deverdics
March – JJ Hooper
April – Luke James

With all the monthly votes added up, full back Michael Liddle gained the most across the entire season – closely followed by Nicky Deverdics.

1st – Michael Liddle

2nd – Nicky Deverdics

3rd – Will McGowan 

4th – Rhys Evans

5th – Finn Cousin Dawson

That means Lids is crowned the 6th annual ‘Green Army Player of the Year’ as well as winning the ‘Spartans Fans Player of the Year’ award.

2023/24 – Michael Liddle

2022/23 – Will McGowan

2021/22 – Toby Lees

2020/21 – Paul Blackett

2019/20 – Rhys Evans

2018/19 – Pete Jameson