NLN ticket prices compared – 2023/24

Firstly, I’ll apologise for the state of the below tables. No matter what, I couldn’t get it to export from Excel without it looking like a screenshot from a Blackberry Curve.

Anyway as you can see below, after the 25% increase in ticket prices this season we’ve gone from having the cheapest tickets in the league to being just about middle of the pack, with £15 being the average price across the league now. That being said, Spartans still offer the 2nd cheapest prices for concessions in the league this year.

Charging extra for seating now only seems to be done by just under half the league and now only a handful of teams offer cheaper tickets if you buy online in advance.

Moving onto Season Tickets though, it’s not a great look as Blyth have the 5th most expensive tickets in the league. Given how our price compares to other teams across the league, I’d be interested to know how our ticket sales have done this term.

When it comes to savings on season tickets, it makes for very grim reading. Taking into account every teams season ticket prices (not including early bird prices) vs general admission on the day, the average saving across the league is £3.32 a game. As for Spartans, the saving is only £1.53 a game.

Obviously it’s a while away yet, but when it comes to next seasons prices I’d hope we’ll be able to have some sort of consultation with supporters so we can give the club some detailed feedback on season ticket prices, payment plans and possibly even look to implement things like flex 5/10 tickets, as they’ve been successful locally at Gateshead and Darlington.