Green Army Update

After 12 years, over 100 busses organised, a lot of drunken laughs and many fundraisers under our belts, we (Dan and Lewis) will be retiring from organising away travel at the end of the December and passing on the ‘Green Army’ to the younger generation. 

Both Cole Williams and Jack Morton will be taking on the responsibility of organising travel and taking over the Green Army social media pages/website and organising the membership draw. I’m sure they’ll have a bit of help from some of the other lads as well. They’re a great set of lads who we fully trust to take Green Army to new heights!

For a bit more info on the lads in case you weren’t too familiar with them –

Cole’s Q&A –

Jack’s Q&A –

We’ve taken great pride in the work we’ve done over the years, trying to represent supporters as best we can and helping out the local community. We are extremely grateful to you all for helping us along the way and supporting the things we’ve done over the years and were sure that will continue with the knew lads!

The last bus we’ll be organising will of course be for York, which were expecting to be a bit of a party! So, hope the regulars will be looking forward to that.


Dan Rolls and Lewis Parker.

P.S – Don’t worry about the Pie’s, Mr Pieface himself will remain in the hotseat!