Green Army supporters survey results – June 2022

First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Safe to say it’s made for some interesting results. To start with, he’s a breakdown of who exactly filled out the survey.

Next up, here’s a look at how the current caterers (burger van) did. Safe to say I wasn’t exactly shocked with this one.

And here’s a round up from all the ‘other comments’.

In short, lots of requests for street food style vans, a drinks van, shys pies and even possibly having multiple vendors at games.


Yes, get a differnt van in every week
Dont try make the club something were not
Yes! Street food
Bring back Shys!
Yes, Curry
Just better quality food for the price
Yes, Just something a little more professional
Bring it in house or make sure it is of a much better quality
Yes, pizza, wraps, Greek,
More options
Coffee van so those wanting a hot drink dont have to stand in a long queue with those wanting food
Not as much new options but possibly an extra van added to cope with demands on a higher attendance matches.
Fat Hippo, Acropolis, Canny Pizza… There are many food van vendors these days.
Yes, a better choice of hot and cold food.
Literally anything. Get something in-house with a decent set up, get away from the burger vans
Gan see if Greggs want to put a mobile vzn inside Croft Park on a match day
Van is just poor quality
Would like to see different traders/vans offering different foods. A bit like the quayside market but on a smaller scale. Would also like the board to challenge the sale of alcohol in the ground. Loved going to FC United when they had a pop up local areal ale tent
I would like to see extra catering options as there is always a big queue currently
Pies from the clubhouse back and a better burger van. This seasons was poor imo
yes food variety
Yeah – better quality food on offer, maybe another vendor
Yes more choice
I’d like to see the club do their own catering and make a profit
She’s pies back
Another van maybe to cut out the waiting times at half time
Hog roast
Yes, just more options even if its another van of the same style. Saves the huge queues
Proper street food options
Not bothered tbh
Lots of independent local vendors out there that offer something different to the terrible burger vans of old, including loaded fries, wraps, pizzas etc. Re-introducing Shys is a must for me also
More choice and availability. Permanent facility
Yes, catering funded by the club to ensure maximum profit and better standards of food quality and service
anything but the shite there now
I generally only arrive for March then leave after
Yes, change catering vans regularly – lots of street food vendors available, probably for free
More than 1 vendor,  different choices
Yes, food that is not cold
More options from the van and warmer food
Not bothered, dont use it
Yes. Tacos 😉
Yes plz  food was cold there always problems with the van
aye just some decent scran
Just another option instead of the mile long queue
Shys pies
Club do their own next to club shop
More choice – a burger van is so out of date
Plenty of street food vans knocking about.
Not really just thought the food at Paula’s pantry was better than the current one
I think we should have greater consideration as to the environmental impact of the packaging used and increase recycling.
Just something with a bit of quality
New catering options.. the club should do it in house and or maybe offer basic food in the clubhouse.. chips sausage egg .. chicken in a basket. Keep it to about 4 options.
Should be in-house catering, extra money for the club
Better food
Shy’s pies
Queues are too long so more of anything would be good.
yes-not too worried over specific choices, but last seasons catering was poor
Decent hot drinks. Other food options. Paying contactless.
I generally only arrive for Match then leave after
You only have to look at what Avro are doing in the North West counties to see what van be done.
A decent pie n chips is fine. The burgers & hot dogs are currently akin to a Sunday morning cricket club fare made by little Tom’s aunt Eyda. Poor.
We need our own catering team and facility rather than an outsourced burger van
Get rid of the stinking van pitchside
Yes, more options
Just more options
Only drink
It’s ok
A proper food hut with a good amount of staff
Bit more variety.
Needs coffee cream vans.even outside the store.
A change from the burger and chips of old. Plenty of clubs provide healthier food. Also, some of our group are meat free and want more than chips.
Definitely. Anything where the queue isnt constantly a mile long
Different vendors should be invited, possibly multiple vendors at games.
Just one more vendor, unfussed with what they offer
More choices
Not fussed
Anything other than that nasty van
Yes. Another vendor at the Plessey Road end as long queues at half time.
Alcohol in the ground
Yes. There’s one catering van that I can’t be arsed to queue for as its always massive. Something in house would surely generate more money?
Option presently seems to be working
Yes, maybe the greek van that goes around
I  don’t use the catering, so it doesn’t bother me.
Better options for vegetarians and food allergies.
Maybe an extra van for drinks only to limit the queues
anything, the food is inedible
its awful
Something a bit more contemporary. Loaded fries, decent pies and sarnies to expand the thighs.
New food van and new food
Food available in club house
Just decent food
Truly awful. Need new vendors, some serving classic burger van stuff and something newer like a fire and dough pizza van or a greek gyros
Just a better standard of food
More choices of vending outlets
More options
Wider variety
The old pie shop was top class. But I suppose times have changed.
Yes – Pizza ?
Have another van that sells baked food (brownies, cookies ect.
Don’t usually but good just a soft drink or coffee
Its fine whats there
More variety. Only certain items are available on a match day.
Anything new
New catering run by club
Different options to burgers and chips. How about stir fry or even pots if cureies in the winter. Blyth has a large ethnic society so why not trial different Vans throughout the season.
Current one’s are abysmal and the que’s are stupid
Street food
Yes. A decent coffee tea van.
Proper coffee stall, street food van
Quicker service
yes, anything is better than the current stuff
Current bait is absolutely abysmal. Plenty of non-league clubs doing much better with street food vans etc. With the current crowds you need at least 2 vans for games.
own catering gloucester uses old shipping containers as there catering
Pop up type stuff. Not every match but perhaps friendlies, xmas, last game. Make it an event. Beer too.
Firstly, less of a wait to be served. Secondly, some healthier options.

Next up, the clubhouse.

And lastly a round of the ‘other comments’ section. In short, a lot of requests for new TV’s, the return of shy’s and a new lager on tap.

Needs a lick of paint atleast
Get madri or something in different pump
Fosters and carling poor move with the times
Better drinks on draught
Complete change
Make it more modern
Better TV and big screen picture quality and sound, big push on all live aport and open more to show it
More stock as run out of popular stuff. Bottle bar outside when possible.
New hand dryer
Better beer
Half time draw to come back, meat raffle, bottle raffle
Nothing in particular
TV link to the game
Maybe some music on before and after the match
It needs to be modernised. There is so much potential there. If definitely shows itself up how dated it is once you travel to other grounds who have made theirs better.
Can / bottle bar perhaps
Better organisation at half time
Get some decent pints in
Better pints, more TVs etc, build up atmosphere before game to bring people out of Sports Club/Masons etc
Modernise the clubhouse. Offers on drinks on matchdays
Bring back Shys pies and sarnies
Freshen up
One real ale would be good
A proper draught Guiness pump installed
Get Fosters and Carling off tap.
Paint job/brighter
More atmosphere and more experience bar staff
Im happy with the facilities
Heineken in a frosted glass
None I can think of.
More craft choices and better atmosphere pre-game
Glasses cleaned better.
An outdoor serving area
Modernised decor, upgraded cellar facilities to improve the quality of the pints
Barely go
I havent been in club since 1989 so couldnt say
Better quality beer on draft
Music/ entertainment
No changes
Shys steak pies and pork buns on match day.
Update it change it up and paint clubhouse
Bit less scruffy
Table selling pies again!
Dont use it as I have a long (200 mile round trip ) journey home
Can and bottle only for half time drinks to ensure drinks are out on time/make it easier for staff
No idea
Doing basic meals would encourage more to drink there
Fairly priced, would be beneficial to the club if it was all cans like RedStripe. Saves cleaning lines and ordering barrels, cans have plenty of life and won’t be any waste.
Open more
Real ale
shys pies back
I do think the pints could have a better variety.
new projector/screen
Ian Shy pies
Redecorated, new furniture. Just needs brightening up
Bigger beer garden
More craft beers
Events to pull money into the club, DJ/music after match to keep people there, decent beer – the only pint worth having is strongbow and thats even been flat on occasion this year.
New referb
Draft Guinness
It’s fine
More choices of pints
Still nothing to do for kids.
More real ale.
Beer mats on tables
Draught guinness and better premium lager
Topless barmaids
New TV screen and music before/after game
Alcohol free range improved
U-shaped seating booths.
Be part of the inside of Croft park
Less cues if possible, but do a good job regardless
Madri on tap, dont listen to anything bar this
Shy’s pies to be sold again
Change of ownership and better larger on draft
Drink prices are fine, but the beer is pretty shite a lot of the time.
A bigger part of an improved match day experience.
new tv screen
More TVs in lounge side as you cant see that big screen from the back end of the room
Make over
A total revamping of the club, the decor and good quality Tv and sound system with the all the sports channels. More entertainment options after matches and more family oriented.
Better peeve
Staff are great. Need a better lager on tap though
New beers
Bigger TV screens for matches
Updated furniture but its fine as it is
Maybe a real ale option?
Excellent clubhouse but if the outside / picnic table area and beer hatch idea could be extended in any way to become a much more permanent, welcoming feature for families etc that would be great. It’s been a great initiative.  Clubhouse has one entry door, seems a bit dark to enter it; if it somehow had open plan front with a marquee / tent that would make it much more welcoming. Plants too. Maybe that’s ambitious !  But as said we have a clubhouse & the folk who run it to be proud of in this league.
3 treble vodka and red bulls for 8 quid would be areet
Better selection of drinks
More effort to get it open most nights
More options on draft
peroni on tap
Sprits are a bit pricey
Real Ale and something like Peroni/Moretti/Stella on tap
Be good to have a decent hand pull on
More family events
Better TVs in lounge area
new tv and music

Next up it’s the Club Shop & the Online Store.

What’s your thoughts on the products available in the store and online?

Good/Canny/Decent X70
Need more clothing options
Not many. No car scarves which i think would advertise club locally.
Could be better
Good quality apart from the strips
Wider range of basic items such as caps and T-shirts
Decent quality,
Not enough products
Could do with a wider range of products
No opinion
Want to see more Jr kits
Wouldnt know
Very limited compared to other clubs the clothing available is expensive in comparison
Good. More mug options would be good
Good range but expensive
Dont know
Mebbies more variety of stuff, cheaper prices
Good. Would buy more items such as sports bags, beer glass, place mats etc
Great options available.
Decent range.
good lots of variety
Not used much but think theres enough merch
Excellent quality
Very limited
 Needs more variety
Dodgy sizes
Few more bits and pieces for kids
Could do with a few more different lines
Dont use it
Good quality. Love march worn shirts
Quite good selection but some items not always available
Good however certain products have said ‘not in stock’ for a very long time
Needs to be more pocket money type products..
Generic Errea products
Good but sometimes limited choice and variation.
I think they are expensive, and more items for babies and children would be good
Good range, I often buy something
haven’t used the options available
More variety should be on offer.
Not looked to be honest.
Fine but nothing spectacular, the replica shirt designs are always good but the club ‘merch’ feels quite standardised and plain
Good range of items.
Nee idea
As to be expected
OK for the size of the club
Would like to see a bigger range.
Not enough product lines and too expensive
Poor home and away shirts and hats that it
Bored of Erea
Havent checked online
Could be more items
Need larger sizes
Could be more products
They sell what’s important, ie. strips, scarfs, hats, badges etc.
Think we have a decent range. Better than a lot of other clubs
Just what youd expect to see.
Not many options
Wouldnt know
Think its a reasonable selection
Good. But maybe lacking in track top options. A nice black with green trim would be a good seller. Lacking in rain jackets too (not winter coats or body warmers these are catered for)
Good. Maybe the range could be bigger but that would require more work and expenditure – the supporters club will know which lines sell, and supporters am sure understand that.
Better sizing of club gear
Could be more choice
Think its as good as can be
The store has way more options in it than the online store.
sizing is awkward
Always see to be shortages
Sales of past home tops in a vintage section would be great
Not used
Great quality
More leisure wear needed
Fed up with Errea now

What (if any) changes would you like to see in the club shop or online store?

Wider leisure wear choices
More shirts and products like our rivals
Change to Hummel for kit
Use a third party to store and fulfil orders for the online store. Someone who does this full time and can widen the reach of the club
More choice
Perhaps more small children’s clothing hats etc, guess cost could be an issue
Smaller childrens sizes
More options
More scope on merchandise
More lines of stock and more options for children
Prices could be slightly cheaper
As above, more items
Open longer hours on matchday
More choice
im very happy with the shopping experience. The volunteers do a brilliant job
More children’s stuff
Items never seem to be restocked once all gone and shop should be open at halftime Ive heard plenty of ppl commenting on this including away support.
More variety of merchandise and would like to see fans have a say in whats stocked
Just strive to continually improve. I’m sure many clubs are worse than us on this one, but more promotion of the shop’s existance during home matches would be good.
Better opening times
Normal sizes
Have not got any
Would like additional lines, but I understand costs
could do with more variety
Just a few more bits for kids and they could do with a bigger space
Dont use it
Online store could do with more merchandise for old fits like me who live a long way away !
Bigger choice of training gear
Retro shirts for sale
All good
Have the club shop open at half time that’s when people are milling around not really at full time unless they are going to collect something that’s already been bought
Maybe some new training wear?  Not errea
Offers. Loyalty card.
Holiday towels. Open at half time.
Extended opening hours
As per above. Especially shirts/tops.
If possible could the club shop be extended and have museum to Blyths great history. We had one at Witton Albion which always went down well with visiting fans. Blyth have a better history and would be a reason for people to visit.q
Difficult. Sure those in charge of it crunch the numbers as regards stick control and what’s popular
More sizes to clothing
Better sized clothing
More kids products available
More stuff, cheaper
More choice
Increased visibility as to where it is
More choices
Few more products
More products
Need bigger shop
I dont use them so unsure
Dont know
If it’s not broken don’t try to fix it, online is reasonably quick and the shop is also good.
better images
Can’t think of any. Ian, Karen and Olivia are friendly and very helpful.
Open after match
needs a bit of an update, still selling programmes from 2020/21
A few new and useful products
More variation
Only the above. If possible a designated changing area. The strip sizes are crazy as we know, so maybe somewhere to try before you buy?
More items available
Have been in club shop many times and the variety in there seemed great. However, when I went to make a purchase online, the items were not on the online store. Only replica shirts and accessories appear to be on there and no jackets etc. I feel they are missing out on sales here.
better sizing
Have merchandise in stock
Tracksuits and training gear especially kids sizes
Open at half time. Offers. Mobile shop in clubhouse

Next up is admission prices with a roundup of the ‘other comments’.

Yes compared to other clubs
Great prices. Other teams in the league charging £15+
Quite reasonable compared to other clubs yes
Yes I think it’s a fair price, would like to see forces/veterans discount offered.
Some ground are much cheaper for children
Yes compared to other grounds
bit pricey not too bad
Under 16s should be free with a full paying adult.. they are the future
Yes – cheapest in the league
Aye, could even be higher to stay level with the rest of the league
Should be cheaper for kids
Seems fair. However, seating shouldn’t cost more money. This should be first come first served as older supporters shouldn’t have to pay for a seat
Adult should be £10 Concession should be £5 £3 for 11-16 & 10 & under free
Not for the quality of football
Yes it’s 2022 not 1992
I think it’s reasonable, but once we add up two adults and the bairn, plus petrol and chips, it’s not something we can do every fortnight.
They are fair. Would like to see an offer for adult with an under 16 (or under 10) and family deals
Yes, similar/cheaper than other teams in league
To expensive for adults
Increase to £14 and £1 extra on concessions just to give a bit extra into the budget.  Not been an increase for a few years now so it might be OK for majority of fans.
To expensive for adults
I think under 10s should be free

Season tickets now. Bit more feedback on this one. Don’t think anyone has mentioned it but personally would like to see a pay Monthly option for season tickets.

Other comments
Could be better
I think season ticket prices are a little bit high, there isnt much incentive to buy a season ticket as you only save a few quid
More discount would be good as I missed a lot of games towards the end of the season
Maybe more discount for getting a season ticket or other incentive, hope it would encourage more sale in those who know they will miss some games
Tickets went up but performances for the most part were unacceptable at home.
Not enough of a saving compared to individual tickets to make it worthwhile
no too expensive, i can get a season ticket at newcastle for £80
Slightly pricey given the facilities – could attract more with a few quid knocked off
Could be better
Steep, miss a couple of games and your out of pocket
Would like to see some early bird pricing introduced to encourage more urgency for sales etc. and secure funding earlier in pre-season
I thnk season ticket prices should be discounted more, especially an ‘early bird’ offer.
slightly too expensive, might aswell buy a ticket every game
Yes – although maybe it could be increased to assist revenue
Overpriced, why bother.
Yes although I think there should be a cheaper match hospitality option for season tickets holders
Not for the football that was on display most games
One of the most expensive around and not really any incentitives to get one
I’d prefer cheaper but fair enough
The standing season ticket is pricey, I think for that price it should a seated ticket
Think season ticket holders should get more of a discount.
They’re okay but could be slightly better to entice more into buying them. Unless you’re definitely committed to attending all league games it’s hardly worth it
No, where is the incentive it gives very little saving
Wouldn’t want them any higher
No, over priced. More should be done to offer savings.
Yes but i don’t go often enough to justify
To expensive for adults
Yes. If you increase the admission and keep the season tickets the same you might get more season ticket sales.
I think they should be cheaper
Don’t take one, but think if the price was a bit lower more would be sold.
Too expensive. These are not far off what Newcastle & Sunderland charge. In fact its cheaper for non-adults (eg £40 for U16) to watch Sunderland
Being lower would attract more ST holders
needs to be more discounted to get more people to buy them
could be better
not worth getting, most will miss more than 2 games a season
Not really worth it

Now it’s the turn of ‘the club’. Lots of mixed and interesting comments further below.

How could the match-day experience be improved?

Building an atmosphere pre game , music, something to get you going , anything better than nothing 
Stewart’s with brain cells
School discounts
Better announcer and music
Marquee in ground band or something on after games
New tannoy system as you can never hear announcements, half time entertainment on the pitch, some daft competitions.
Better speakers around the stadium, hard to hear at times – would recommend speaking to Calum Tebbutt
Better announcements
Better club house – toilets stink
Family section,  clamp down further on abuse towards opposition and refs, goes to far regularly
More family orientated.
New tanoy system
More seating
More interactivity from the club, half time draw, crossbar challenge at HT with the subs
Better results and performances would help
More entertainment before hand
Get rid of the mongs behind the goal
The speaker system could be improved , dont let the local kids in at half-time,  more things for kids to do (by that I mean kids who have attended from the start not just to cause bother)
Possible fan zones?
Better food, beer, entertainment (half time draw etc), PA system and music
New floodlights put in. Updating of the stands and clubhouse
Competitions on and off the field. Crossbar challenge etc etc
Improved catering and  pop up real ale tent
I would say just more catering and drink facilities to shorten the queues/ wait times.

Possibly just include a half time challenge with fans on the pitch could be a good laugh.
Maybe a bit of pre match entertainment or half time. Something simple like a crossbar challenge.
better catering, improved sound system and kill the dead tunes
More done to advertise games/attract new people
Better PA
More things to entice the families
Better seats
Better results haha
Street food vans
Walk out music, match day playlist, some food/beverage offering inside the ground, half time events. Something that improves the general atmosphere and draws people in earlier instead of at just 2:50pm
More terracing – too many people get a poor view of pitch. Better PA announcements and tools to make them (sick of hearing people away from main stand complaining they can’t hear PAs – do we know we’re in the 21st Century?. Permanently-built toilets with better handwashing facilities, toilet paper, etc., frequently checked and cleaned on matchdays. Separate disabled toilets. Also programmes – no-one seems to pro-actively sell these and they can be difficult to find!
Better catering facilities, being able to have a pint when watching the match
Better/more catering options, PA system fit for purpose, extra events and initiatives to make it more than just 90 minutes of football
Cresting a lively atmosphere with different music ,high tempo when team comes out ,stop daft announcements during game.
Better food, allowing of drinks in ground (appreciate license issue), more focus on pre and after match in clubhouse
More involvement of fans ie penalty shoot outs, hit the cross bar , chip the ball into the bucket
Music that will pump up the crowd
Better PA system and a bigger arrange of music
The tannoy system is complete shite
Winning more games
Yes get rid of the bellends behind the goal get some police behind it never taking the kids there again
ney mongs
Less shite music
As a parent of a junior player, would like to see more involvement on match day from the juniors, get them more involved so they can see themselves the link from juniors to seniors
Better Stewarding
Get rid of the small group of knackers behind the goal.
Better players
More supporter involvement – more needs to be done for the younger element
Win more !
Get a decent PA, sack off the crap music.
Improve Tannoy system
Family areas where bad language is challenged by stewards
Better music by the dj before the match and a sound system that you can actually hear the announcements from
Decent music. A piece of music to come out too. Music at half time is not always played..
Better stewarding, quite a few unpleasant individuals have started attending
Working speakers.
Much Better music.
Half time draw on the pitch.
Fan penalty shoot out.
Brought into 20th century music/presenter roving mike again just reinvent match day
1899 draw should be done on match day. On pitch. Not during the game obvs.
More seats, more interactions with players / coaches
More food/drink outlets
more inclusive involvement before/after games for fans. it’s hard to organise when the clubhouse is separated from the ground. but it seems like fans are only there for the 90minutes of football
Difficult one. More engagement from all involved. Club and supporters. More of a “family” feel. More inclusive. Easier said than done. But it starts with communication.
Cresting a lively atmosphere with different music ,high tempo when team comes out ,stop daft announcements during game.
After game entertainment
The speakers need replacing on the PA system and scoring a few more goals wouldn’t go a miss.
tannoy needs to be replaced, general up-keeping and most importantly sensible stewards
Investment in the team!
New PA system is a must. Something (anything) happening on the pitch pre-game and at half time would lift the mood completely
A win
Less stupid homophobic comments.
Stewards are shocking. No enticement other than a match being on.
Drums/more social media team to create more fans
New tannoy
Beer in the ground. Better music pre and post match.
It’s fine as it is
Win games
More music and a better tannoy system.
Make it more intesting before games get people in the ground before 2:55. Kids have nothing to do.
More wins
Get rid of that group of pricks behind the goal who think songs about rape and paedos are funny. Scum
Win more games
Better music
One game I attended last season and the crowd were asked to not bang the sides of the stand to protect neightbours. For what? A few minutes a fortnight for nine months a year? Stuck out as being out of touch with trying to generate an atmosphere when a few hundred were trying to sound like a few thousand.
Need better views for smaller people and more comfortable seating. When the seats are full there is no arm room and it is very uncomfortable. When the terrace is full if anyone is on the row in front of my I struggle to see the match. A comfortable view is not a luxury, it is what I’m paying for. Future ground developments should take this into consideration. New terracing should be higher than the step in front of it to see over the person in front.

Also, more options for wheelchair users. Being confined to one tiny part of the ground is poor. And more toilets, especially on the Broadway side.
More goals
Better bait van or even just another to shorten queues
Winning more games
A better team
Alcohol in the ground like other clubs in the league
Get rid of the side walls on the fergyspace stand so we can see the whole pitch
Apart from the actual match there is next to nothing of an overall matchday experience compared to other clubs at our level or local to us.
Pre post match entertainment
Better toilet facilities for home and away fans
Win more football matches, could you fix that please.
It’s non existent, and considering there is some great space available to use within the ground could be doing so much more.
Better squad
Something to entice more young fans
stop playing miserable music before a game
More people join in the singing and get behind the lads
Activities for kids to keep them entertained for an hour before the game.
Merch shop to be open at end of match
Sort the fan problems out
Improved PA system with extra family based activities
More peeve
some less dull music
Nicer tannoy speakers and replace orange floodlights
No Nixon sick of his negativity
Sort out the tannoy system and tannoy guy. Interrupting the match mid way through a half is not only rude but the messages he gives he could do at half time. He should just say who scored for those of us with failing eyesight
Better PR system , cant hear in broadway stand
Behaviour by small sections of the support. Racist and homophobic chanting needs to be addressed.
New tannoy system so you can actually hear what they are saying!
Look at clubs like FCUM by inviting stallholders, outlets and entertainment into the ground
Blyth not losing is all I want
Better selection of vendors for food
More home wins !
need fanzones in ground
More bait vans, better music and get rid of the racists
Improved cattering
More stewards to cut out the abusive behavior of some fans
Some half time entertainment
Clean ground, update PA, better signage for where facilities are. Better lighting of ground
Stop the homophobic and misogynistic chanting.
Cans in the ground. A matchday mascot for the bairns. Bring back HT draw.
stop the pedo chants
stewards that actually deal with anti social behaviour
Better food, better music, some activities for younger supporters and morons stopping with the vile chants

What’s your thoughts on Croft Park? And what improvements would you like to see (if any)?

Its alright , needs better catering and a bar inside the ground would be nice
Classic non league ground cant go wrong
Family area
Just general maintenance, painting, weeds etc.
Great ground, great pitch.
Keep upgrading
More baby changers,
Better toilets, stewards could be a bit more proactive and visible throughout game.
Tanoy system
Capacity  increase
To be able to take a pint into the ground (plastic glasses)
Better pitch, more seating
Look to build on the fed shed. Needs improving in my opinion. PA system needs to be better. Maybe some half time entertainment
The toilets are dirty and never have hand soap
Not particularly a priority right now.
Great stadium. Tannoy system could be updated!
Croft Park is the envy of many away supporters.
Think it’s a good stadium for the league
Literally anything would help. Stands are alright and thats about it
The stand opposite the dugout needs updating.
Decent bog roll. My arse is like a baboons arse after a match day. But rest of ground is ok.
Ok for league. Possibly more seats
Already covered
Really enjoy croft park, brilliant facility, maybe an improved tannoy/speaker system
Clean all the bird shite off the barriers
good ground
None within budget – good compared to other grounds in the league
Needs major improvements.
More things on to attack the families and better in house catering
Another choice of seats in a different area
New toilets as the current ones are tatty and worn out
Get rid of the idiots behind the goal that have started attending
I love it, nowhere I’d rather be on a Saturday. I think they need to keep up next season with enforcing some fans running on pitches and horrific chants etc. Yes we wanna make it loud, give the place an atmosphere but this season especially has been horrendous for some of the things I’ve heard and seen
Street food vans
Bird shit could be cleared away I mean what would it actually take
Nice ground, could just do with a bit of a spruce up in general
Need more toilets. Terracing on east and west sides to improve view of pitch for spectators. Better lighting in stands. Better PA facilities, better PAs (why do we only mention the next home game?). I could go on…
Lovely ground with a few issues
New PA system as a matter of urgency, deep clean of the ground is required then kept on top of. Open up the old toilet block as the new bait hut. On a matchday have more turnstiles open for cash payments.
Toilets + Catering
Hot water in toilets,tidy up or shut toilets at plessey road end,overall like the ground as it has character rather than the new type stadiums,since my first visit in 1976 it has been transformed over the years.
No idea
More attention on cleaning – bird poo in the same place all season.
A good clean up , tanoy that you can hear ,
Decent music pre match.
Better toilet fertility ie a heater for the colder months
Toilets can always be better, applies to most though
Love Croft Park. Toilets could be better
Yes get rid of the bellends behind the goal get some police behind it never taking the kids there again too much of a risk behind home net
Speakers are shite in Ferguson stand
Love croft park the way it is
It’s class
Get rid of the bird crap on the hand rails
Better food
New stand to replace the Fergy Stand take over Broadway to develop that area for the junior teams
Dont change anything its fine
Toilets are a disgrace and too few.
Family areas
A revamp of the toilets at the plessey end.. they are an embarrassment. A general tidy up its looking tired now. Obviously a spanking new stand at the Broadway side..
Better stewarding
Return to suppprters all round the ground.
Remove those covid barriers.
Fix speakers.
Same uniform for all stewards. More visible staff/stewards.
In house catering/tuck shop for kids . Beer in ground .more interaction with fans
It’s ok, needs updating
Nice, old school ground
hard to make changes on the restricted/limited facilities available
I like going. The loudspeakers could be better mind. And decent hot drinks. That you can pay with contactless.
Hot water in toilets,tidy up or shut toilets at plessey road end,overall like the ground as it has character rather than the new type stadiums,since my first visit in 1976 it has been transformed over the years.
New floodlights (expensive, but needs doing) new speakers for the PA.
fan zone like spenny, if they can do it we can do it
It’s a real tidy modern ground for the level of football. Improvements would be making the terrace pitch length on the Ferguson Stand side of the ground so there’s no blind spots. A roof wouldn’t be needed on the new bit’s, for now.
1 x Bait hut and 1 x new PA system please
Seats in the ground for old people who cant stand for too long and dont want to sit in the port of blyth stand
Lick of paint – we are who we are.
Maybe less diseased shitters
New speaker system
The ground is an icon in the league
Better PA system.
It fine for me
Leave it as it is
Fed shed needs to be developed. New PA system as I cant hear a word the announcer says.
Fix the broken floodlights that have been off for years.
Toilets plessy road end ladies door is dropping to bits.
Better floodlights
Is what it is!
Best ground in the league
Needs a massive clean
It is what it is.
Short term:
Walkway behind Croftway stand with exits at the back of the stand linking to it to ease the flow of people exiting at full time. Also people from the Broadway side directed to leave via this path rather than walk in front of the Croftway stand.

Toilets on the Broadway side.

Refurbishment of the top tier of the main stand with slightly less seats better spaced apart.

A working PA system.

Mid term:
Some terracing both sides of the fed shed and move those concrete walls back so people have a better view.

Long term:
New mixed seater stand on the Broadway side with ‘safe standing’ rails on each row, plenty of wheel chair spaces and toilets.

New clubhouse with more space and a large beer garden.
Away supporters sitting together not with us
Good stadium
Proper ground just needs the time and effort put in from the top to keep it as it should be
Tannoy system upgraded so we can hear announcements
Needs renovation
Add bars inside the ground
The corners of the stands build in making it a full stadium
The ground itself is pretty good.
Better tannoy
Fed stand needs looking at. Needs a complete re think as you cannot see all parts of the pitch from it. Needs a new stand and or terrace on that side. Better user friendly toilets. Floodlights are adequate but not brilliant. Possible reason they are not all used on matchdays.
The ground itself is good, the floodlights are atrocious, evening games are hopeless for me, my 74 year old eyes don’t deal with candle light.
Better match day experience
Needs a few licks of paint, and tannoy system updated to hear
good. just needs a clean. bird shit is disgusting
Nee Tannoy!!!
drink in ground
Can’t think of an improvement other than better catering, but even that’s nitpicking really. Ginos is champion.
Less Tories
clean the bird shit please
Ban the morons
Needs refurbished
For the league we are in its probably adequate. Ability to get a drink lnside the ground, like at spennymoor, would be useful but Im not aware club can do much about it
Looks a little tired , could do with a little upgrade
I think it offers what is needed for the number of attendee’s
An excellent stadium for NLN level, compared to many of the stadiums we visit. Has been improved gradually over the years (credit to the Board) and reflects where we are. A pitch and groundsman to be proud of. Just need to add a few new ideas and imagination for the matchday experience, that’s all.
Dont change what isnt broken
Historic place
Love the atmosphere and great to get parked close by
Eventually fill in 2 corners to make a bowl
A great ground for Blyth Spartans and our current level in the pyramid
better food better beet better team
Need bogs on the cow shed side
Tidy up ground
More disability encourage more fans to watch the game
Bogs on the broadway side of the ground
More toilets more catering, fanzone with food & drink. The Concrete walls painted green & white , boards up showing club history & famous players. Ground needs updating.
Too priority. Stop the homophobic and misogynistic chanting. My daughter finds the misogynistic chanting upsetting and it puts her off from coming
Fed shed needs to go and new one to match goal ends. Sort out the speaker system too.
clean the bird shit
needs a clean
It’s areet. Broadway side needs some work doing to it.
better food

What’s your thoughts on the clubs official website? And what (if any) changes would you like to see?

Its not the best like , should have all the info you need on it and easy to navigate
Does the job
Its becoming a bit stale. Needs updating
Alerts to new articles could even be done by category ie, fixtures, reports.
Not that good
Information is a little outdated compared to other media
It is fine
Never go on so wouldnt know
I dont ever look at it
I believe the website is up to standard at the
Informative, however I usually use Facebook for up to date information.
I never look at it.
Don’t use it, follow mostly on facebook
Good, kept well up to date and easy to use
Good website no changes
Its not too bad really
Very good. More updates on who is injured
Seems a bit outdated, could do with improvement. The social media accounts are brilliant would be good for the website to follow this pattern
Never really use it if Im honest.
very boring at times
Needs updating
Its ok
The information can be hard to find, this could be improved by an easier to navigate website
It’s good
Its good
Pretty basic imo
Formatting isnt great and mobile experience could be improved
Needs revamp with wider range of subjects, eg., club objectives, how the supporters can get involved, more info on Spartans teams other than the First Team, etc.
Does the job, nothing more
Read more Twitter to keep up to date than the website
Decent enough, but not as good as others. Updates are slow to be published.
The link for fixtures is difficult to see. It is too small, insufficient contrast in colour. Causes problems for those with sight issues/colour blindness
Like it
Think its fine
Very poor
Dont use it
Its ok
Tidy up the layout
Its good ( very good compared to some sites )
Boring. Liven it up and more interactive
All good
Its an ok website but could be updated more often
Needs to be more active also include the results of the tenement team.. I bet some people don’t even know it exists.
A mention of the junior set up and how to become involved with them
Never visit it as it is never updated, neither is social media
The website and social media are good.
It can be hard to navigate and find information. This could be simplified
don’t use it very much…prefer twitter
Its decent albeit a bit old in design and not really mobile friendly.
Read more Twitter to keep up to date than the website
I don’t really look at the main website. I usually look at the Facebook and twitter feeds.
club cant even keep social media up to date never mind the website, havent looked on that for years
Tows the party line
The clubs website is fit for purpose
I like it.
It’s fine
It’s basic, does a job.
Website ok
Not great
Not update enough
Better info about the 1899 club draws. They are buried amongst other news and there should be a dedicated page. You are doing a disservice to paying supporters by not drawing regularly. Sometimes there’s a backlog of 3 months to draw.
Dont use
Terrible. Design is okay but most of the information is outdated, some of it by years
Overly fussy. Looks cluttered and cheap.
Probably needs updating.
Lack of information. More information
Quite good
It works for what it needs
Not bad
It’s pretty good
Used to give minutes from the board. Usually quite good.
Think its alright
It is okay. I just would like more regular updates of what is going on, especially at this time of year.
Again, it’s much better than a lot of websites around.
Its alright
Its class to be fair
terrible. never updated. some bits outdated by years
Its ok to be fair
awful. still got last seasons players on it
Too busy, with very little insight into the running/background of the club.
Too slow with information
design is decent but information is very out of date. clearly very little care taken to keep it up to date. same goes for social media
Good for non league level.
It is pathetic. Its never up to date with news for the supporters. We have had no news since the end of the season, itâs as if no one is working during the summer break. Not even a note about season tickets. I do not know how people who get to work on the website ever get offered jobs elsewhere which the club seems to suggest is a good stepping stone for a media career as they appear to provide little content for the supporter. Take a look around at other websites and compare to ours, we are like Sunday league standard. Even northern league teams provide much better service.I’m sorry for this rant but the clubs website does my head in it’s as if the club couldn’t care less about spectators until they want the money coming in via the turnstile
Its decent. Buying a ticket is nice & easy which should be applauded.
Good, functional, well designed website for our level.
Give updates just about the players and the club in general
Very poor
I like it
Better for couch fans
Seems appropriate for its purpose.
better than some in the league but never updated
Be more upto date with what’s happening  at club
Never updated
No very user friendly, no search facility.
It’s good
not good

Any other comments? Or changes you would like to see at the football club?

Could be better run and investment needed
New manager
New Chairman and Vice chairman
Hoest Blyth
More openness and transparency with finances, show updates on gates v budget during season,
Family area would be good. Sometimes the bad language can get a bit much so would be nice for a safe place to stand with kids and could be policed in house. Doesn’t have to be fancy just a portion of behind one of the goals.
Total overhaul
More interactivity between the club and the fans. Summer events like a BBQ/family fun day, evening events like talk ins, theme nights, quiz nights – all to help raise funds for the club and also to awareness in the community to help bring in more fans
Club has so much in different areas. You just want the club to make a bit more effort.
Investment in playing staff.
Club looks completely stagnant
More offers or new ways to get more fans in on match days
Nah, its spot on. Beats shopping with the wife on a saturday
Need to be more open about behind scenes
Over the last few seasons there has been some great projects by supporters, the crowd finder for the squad, the Robbie mural and more. I would like to see the board invite these proactive members  of the Green army to be fans members of the board. This would support new ideas
Overall I believe the club is a brilliant club to support, the matchday experience is always good. Hopefully the club improves a couple of things to improve the match day experience to encourage more fans to attend, which hopefully brings in more revenue for the club to grow.
More transparency about transfers/contracts, better advertising about games, more incentive for fans to invest into the club
Too many. But stubborn board wnt change
Im not sure we market the club well enough to attract investors. No ambition at the club to kick on. Everyone at the top seems happy for things just to tick over.
Greater communication with supporters, there has been no communication as to retained players accepting contracts or any new signings.
I will always go whatever happens
N/a. Thanks for your constant running of the fans side of things. Yous do a class job
Should be a proper supporters club with fund raising events for contribute to away travel. This will chase the mongs out too
Highly unlikely but I wouldnt be adverse to the idea of a artificial pitch. Anything to gain an advantage.
What is the clubs ambition? Stay where we are? Move up the pyramid? What is the current commercial plan or marketing structure for the season coming? How are we as a club going to engage with the local community and encourage more fans through the gates instead of just asking fans to bring a friend? How can Blyth Spartans promote themselves around the town and surrounding areas?
Management committee need to work with supporters with running of the club and establishing objectives other than just surviving. Also how can the club be more involved in the community? Learn from South Shields, etc.
Attempt to get promotion. Many of the teams we have played in the past have have vastly improved (e.g. Solihull Moors).
Blyth are stagnating due to perceived lack of ambition. Look at South Shields and Morpeth
Added transparency between execs and fans(Possibly an honestly written what’s going on behind the scenes column in the programme) , more Q and A sessions. Open invitation to club AGM
The fans have been magnificent this season st home and especially the lads who go to all away games.unbelievable there any funding plans in place to boost budget ,on line lottery or similar to build fund for better players.allow all under 16s in free to keep on coming when they get older or catch the fan base young do the club encourage local schools/children to come to Croft park,could a tented set up be arranged for youngsters at back of ground with different food / live music etc to attract both lads and lasses and parents.provide offers at first few games to keep people coming in nov/dec  when crowds can drop.I appreciate we will always have a battle on with full time clubs but can other companies boost blyth playing budget ? Have the board spoken to battery plant owners/ISG main contractor /ng Bailey sub contractors these are all big companies who are no doubt more than willing to help a community club with sponsorship etc a massive opportunity that should not be missed.
Probably  better owners but that just what I think
New people on board with fresh ideas
A club that talks to its fans and not keep them in the dark.
The legend Ronnie Phillipson attends most home games. He should be given the freedom of Croft Park. I find it embarrassing that the club takes his money for entry.
The club fails to make the most/honour our legendary players.
No just get the twats out behind the home net and stop fans doing what they want like running on the pitch unprofessional
actually sign some decent players
More communication from club on day to day goings on especially end of season
Better committed ownership
New officials that have ambition and vision – the current board have none of this
I’d like to see a bored, rich benefactor rock up.
The banning of the racist fan group that turned up this season
All good
It needs a more professional management structure that communicates with fans in a more transparent way. I have been following the club for nearly 20 years and what I repeatedly see is a board with no ambition and no professional management or leadership skills
A proactive board not just one or two people doing things. More involvement in the community. And also a go ahead club telling people the ambitious of the club not being all doom n gloom all the time. This could be a very successful club going in the right direction. If the likes of Accie Stan can do it so can we. People want to be part of a successful club
Better communication
Break down the commitee / fan barriers.
Re promote the 1899 club and half time draw.
The club needs to communicate more to fans
Better and quicker signings
I don’t attend much as I live in London,  instead I support the club financially (shirt sponsor, monthly £5).
Keep up the good work!
limited resources available but feel those in charge are doing as well as possible, in the current climate!we could of pushed on, but we could of went the other way in the last few years!be thankful we still have a club to turn up to every week!!!
The club has to communicate better with fans. The communication is old-fashioned.  I’m not one of the inside crew so I can only find out information via Twitter and the website. I find it mind-boggling that, as an example, we still do not know who will play for the club I support and love dearly in a couple of months time.
The fans have been magnificent this season st home and especially the lads who go to all away games.unbelievable there any funding plans in place to boost budget ,on line lottery or similar to build fund for better players.allow all under 16s in free to keep on coming when they get older or catch the fan base young do the club encourage local schools/children to come to Croft park,could a tented set up be arranged for youngsters at back of ground with different food / live music etc to attract both lads and lasses and parents.provide offers at first few games to keep people coming in nov/dec  when crowds can drop.I appreciate we will always have a battle on with full time clubs but can other companies boost blyth playing budget ? Have the board spoken to battery plant owners/ISG main contractor /ng Bailey sub contractors these are all big companies who are no doubt more than willing to help a community club with sponsorship etc a massive opportunity that should not be missed.
Further investment in ground and playing staff
Communication could be better and some initiatives to take the club forward. Attendances were up last season despite on field performances. If we can tap into that with better communication and initiatives no reason we couldn’t be averaging 1200.
the club needs a new vision, the gentleman’s club is not working anymore. teams around the north east are catching up to us and will surpass us unless something changes. no ambition
I know know that the people who run the club genuinely care. I also know as a result of this they’ll never knowingly place the club in financial difficulty. I would like though to see a proactive scouting network to at least be in for the best local talent.
The fans to support the board more. Its not easy or cheap and I think a lot of fans forget that.
Good fanbase with a ground in a central location, and yet very little community engagement with no social events to speak of and nothing done to get punters in. When have they ever reached out to local schools? Get them through the door with their parents, some will stay.
Platten appears to keep us solvent and can’t argue with that, but with a bit of effort we could make money to allow us ambition.
More investment as its needed at this level, if the board cant suffice this, there needs to be a change.
Already mentioned
Ambition and promotion of the club to get more in on matchdays.
A great day out
Unfortunately there are a lot of changes which need to happen at blyth. Too many clubs further forward than blyth right now.
The board take the supporters for granted and have no interest in progressing up the leagues. New younger blood needed on the board.
Would be nice to see the club moving forward not backwards.
Manager given a proper term rather than sacking again
love the form but dont think it will be taken seriously
what about kids for a quid once a season when toon are away? Push it online and on local radio? Make Spartans every toon fans second team.
Change of ownership would b nice
More sponsorship leading to a bigger budget for players
The owners to sell to someone with ambition to take the club forwards
Stricter control of fans behavior
Better transparency and better working with supporters. For the club to have some
vision and ambition  For the club to have a greater interactment with the community. Had a reserve team and that was broke up. Then decided to introduce. a youth team. Feels like no planned structure within the club. The need for new people on the board who can take the club forward.
 None that is printable.
Overall it’s a well run club. Would like to see better connections between the club and fans. A fans place on the board perhaps. Communication is key, and could be better from both sides.
Beer served inside the ground
Id like is to look at the models used at fashionable non league clubs like Clapton and see what we could copy/learn from.
the club wont care about this
Align the club with the community. The club is miles behind other clubs when it comes to this. If we were more in tune with the community we’d attract bigger crowds, make more money and ultimately benefit overall
We understand its difficult working with so many volunteers. Interactions with various members of the team have been very positive, but sometimes the communication to fans can be sporadic/poor. Blyth Live is immense. Phil and Niall particularly are a credit to the club, and Ian and his family run the shop very well. We have a few club 1899 and notice sometimes it’s 2-3 draws at once, like an after thought. That’s pretty good as a snapshot actually. Nothing really shit, just a bit laboured and after thoughty.
Sort out the dickheads behind the goal net
A more up to date overall approach to a football club experience not living in the past
club clearly doesn’t care about supporters. need new blood
The board
Whilst I think the chairman keeps a close scrutiny of the financial side, I think he is quite happy if we were to stay in this league as our priority. Am also  of the opinion that he wouldnt be too upset if we were to get relegated with so many closer distance teams now in the league below. We appear to lack ambition to improve and you know what happens when you keep doing the same things you also keep getting the same results!! So get ready for another season of relegation battles! Sorry if this sounds pessimistic but I believe it’s a realistic likelihood. Here’s hoping I’m wrong
A competitive team helps attract more supporters also if prices were slightly reduced .
Definitely some transparency on Investment. Who have the board approached etc etc. Blyth itself is going to have some decent business players here soon (and the port area is doing very nicely) can’t that be tapped into a bit more for funds? Sadly money needs are becoming more prevalent at non-league level now, just like the pro game. Thank You.
A well run club in lots of senses and people don’t get the credit for the everday work that goes on…from the matchday experience to the media work. I’d just like the club to be more open and proactive to new ideas, and actively invite and engage with these. There is lots of initiative within the fanbase and this needs to be embraced and encouraged – rather than thinking that the Club, Supporters Club, Clubhouse, Green Army (although independent) and other groups are all separate entities working independently without communication between them at times.
Buy Blackett
It’s the life blood of the town and is been very poorly ran by the hierarchy
Change attitude and want t win the league or whats the point in going if nothing to look forward to
Nothing that has already been covered.
get rid of twats behind goal
Fans matchday experience needs addressing. Clubs needs to also tackle to issues of certain ‘fans’ who are spoiling it for others.
Can we bring back mascots
clubs social media seems to have taken a downturn lately
Currently the only club in the league who hasn’t announced a friendly or even a new signing, very weird.