Green Army supporter survey – May 2023

Firstly, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to complete the survey once. This year we’ve seen a fair amount of change in the results compared to last year so, lets get into it.

First up, here’s a breakdown of who completed the survey and how it compares to last season. As you’ll see, the numbers have fallen and we see a lot more people in the ‘some games’ category rather than the ‘Every game’ and ‘Most games’ which given the drop in attendance over the last year, makes sense.

2022 Results

As for your thoughts on admission prices, with the increased gate prices, the feedback on gate fees has of course been a bit more negative but still feedback still remains for pretty strong.

2022 results

As for the season ticket prices, that’s pretty much done a 180 as we expected they would.

2022 Results

Any additional comments on the season ticket or admission prices?
Season ticket prices are dreadful. Absolutely pointless getting one.
Fair to increase the price and bring in line with the rest of the league. But the extra earnings must be invested into the playing squad
No comments
We are now more in line with the rest of the league
They should have implemented a small increase over past seasons to bring the costs in line with other clubs rather than 25% price hike. There is very little benefit to a season ticket, if the cost was lower I would buy one but due to missing a few matches each season it is not worth me buying one at the cost.
Installments would be a good idea
Fair prices
Early bird offer is next to non-existent and the missed opportunity of offering a payment structure of any description is quite frankly, criminal. Biggest cost of living crisis in a generation and the club failing to meet the needs of certain supporters needs is disgusting.
Better discount for buying early needed
A fair admission price in my opinion
On the day price is spot on, not really worth getting a season ticket at them prices and Alot to roll out in one go
Some people will be angry but they had to go up to low last season
As long as the money goes to get better players
No comment
Save 3 and a half games on a ST. Everyone is more than likely to miss Atleast 3 games a season. Absolutely pointless.
Whilst I agree in principle to the rise it has been done on the back of a dismal last 4 years the timing is all wrong and the club have only issued a very brief reasoning behind it.
Season tickets not really any incentive to buy early like other clubs. And no option to spread the cost. Can see season ticket sales being down on last year.
You don’t seem to gat much of a discount
I’d like to think the increase in prices lean heavily to the players budget
More discount should offered for a season ticket – not really saving much
Should be a bigger reduction for season tickets to increase their sales.
Suppose it’s the right decision to increase to match prices with other teams at this level
Could have an early discount or a discount for having a season ticket for a number of years
Only fair if we see an improvement on recent seasons or board show ambition to progress
Need to be cheaper, can get premier league tickets for less
Everyone else is charging more might aswell match the to boost budgets
There should be a bigger discount for paying all upfront.
Very little incentive to buy a season ticket.
Increased cost in ticket price is fine, but communication of reasons etc should be better.
Season ticket holders should be given an option of paying in instalments or similar.
I understand the need to increase prices, but there needs to be some evidence and justification of the funds being used in the right way.
Understandable cost of running a club gone up, we’ve been one of lowest in league for a while – would like budget assurances about where money is going.
In comparison to local league offerings it’s quite steep especially with no early bird deals
The price jump seems a lot but I’m the current climate it should of maybe done slower. But it’s in-line with other clubs in the league
Not a huge incentive to get a season ticket
Hopefully the increase in price means that there will be more money invested into the club.
Doesn’t add up should be more of a discount
I don’t mind paying abit more if the standard of football reflects on it
Shite due to the quality of football
There should be a bigger discount than 10-15% for season tickets holders.
Also should be able to purchase season tickets with payment plans
Don’t mind the ticket prices individually but the season tickets aren’t discounted enough and there should be a pay in instalments option
I hope these prices will help the team’s transfer boost
Whey should let all immigrants off boats in for nowt like.
Fair pricing and increase should lead to better playing budget or facilities/catering
should be a monthly option
Monthly payment option needed
Monthly/Quarterly payments or more incentives to purchase a season ticket.
If we had a better squad I would understand it but its over half the price a Toon season ticket to see Premier League teams?!
Fair priced
Season ticket prices need to be spread over instalments or incentives offered
Understandable for the price rise but for a non league club. Really
The entrance with a season ticket needs to be more stringent. I only had mine scanned about twice last season. It would help keep track of accurate attendance.
lower level footy is hideously overpriced in our country but it is what it is as running costs and overheads are also sky high. p
Could have been more creative with options and dates
The money goes back into the club so don’t mind. In reality it’s 3 or 4 pints depending where you drink so you don’t miss it
Ticket price is quite high for the standard of play, but it it allows the squad to be improved then that’s acceptable.
I think the admission price is fair compared to the rest of the league, however, it is quite a jump and will put people off. The season ticket prices give little incentive to buying them and there is a distinct lack of early bird offers, *installment payments, anything really which many other clubs do offer.
New season tickets are a huge increase
I’ve answered ‘Yes’ to the two questions above…BUT when you look at our full price admissions, they’re only a few quid off what others pay for Championship level football. Real danger that following non-league is becoming too expensive. It’s not just us, either. Can see this becoming an increasing problem in the seasons to come: there are too many other competing ways for people to spend their cash.
I don’t agree that people with mobility issues but dont need a wheelchair are charged to sit.
The costs of everything is sky high. The club will be affected.
There is no point getting a season ticket as if you miss a few games you’d be worse off.
Increased incentive for a season ticket, miss a few games and it’s a waste of time,
If the club had better better communication with fans then potentially would pay more
Beautifully priced, making me money for my signings, JJ Hopper, looking at Micheal Spellman aswell. Maybe, not confirmed Reece Welch on loan, and looking but very optimisic Stefan Bajetic.
All increases are difficult, but the club has to cover it’s costs, simple as…
Juniors and student season tickets should be cheaper, say £50


Moving onto your thoughts on the catering now, I can say I’m shocked and completely surprised by the following.

2022 Results

Of course, it seems everyone is ready for something new.

If you answered yes, what sort of catering options would you like to see?
Anything to be honest, just something new because that burger van is terrible
Anything. Current bait van is a PR disaster.
Anything that tastes and looks appetising and ensures quick service
Bate hut
Im not bothered about the type of food served it just needs to be better quality. Dont mind paying the extra for better quality but most people would rather go to the chippy on a match day than the van.
Good quality is the most important thing. Do a deal with Gino’s to have Pizza Slices ready for purchase?
Separate food and drinks
Anything that is actually cooked
Independent caterers offering various types of affordable, but tasty food. Football in 2023 is about the whole match day experience. Long gone are the days of a burger van doing the job and it’s about time the club realised that.
Anything is an improvement
different vendors would be nice or one solid fresh food
Different van the 1 we have is dreadful my kids will not even go to it
To have a kitchen within the club to provide food
Proper bait hut
Generally one with better quality
Maybe guest catering vans different each week. Ie Hippo burger or The fat pig
More shys pies and meat squares
Should be taken in house by the club if not there needs to be a guest catering van offering a different themed food.. ie Greek at  each home game as well as one offering the usual stuff
Pie shop
A catering company that serves decent coffee for a start, didn’t bother with the food as the coffee was vile
Better food
Something similar to what Dulwich Hamlet have would be the dream. Realistically just not a burger van from the 90’s, the world has moved on and should we.
Own in ground catering even if its just pies,teas,coffees to make the club more revenue
Bait hut
More of the same options just better quality of food. Shocking quality from the van. Shys pies however..outstanding!
More healthier options
A better quality catering standard needed.
Shys pies put ground food to shame. Any improvement on the catering van would be good.
Other restaurants or burger vans, loads of places could be hired for one off occaisions
Better food and at a good price.
Owt warm and well priced
Food vans are massive these days. They probably arent hard to book.
Much larger menu and a better standard. Wraps & larger selection of meat would be a start other than Burger and Hot Dog
Tea hut. Fish and chips
The queues are bad. There should be a drinks only queue as well. Quality needs to be better.
Anything thats edible
Better quality independent retailers that rotate
More options and more outlets
I don’t usually buy food at the football but I know people who do and the standard/options are very poor!
Just edible would be a start
Anything edible because the current one cant produce decent food
Chinese, vegan options. Caribbean, Italian
Same sort of food just better quality
Better choice of food and drink
More than hot dogs chips and burgers! Van doesnt even do back or sausage butties! Maybe a different street food van per Month?
Vegetarian options
Coffee van/hut
street food vans or own food hatch
Anything greasy cause thats what football is all about
Just something better quality
Anything with edible bait
Hog roast, or something decent run by club for extra revenue
Anything but. The single van is low quality.
Ice cream van. Pizzas, Mexican etc
Like at st James where theres a game at half I
Anything would be better than what is currently there.
A different type each game alongside the usual burger van eg Greek, pizza.
good value short queues
Just look at teams in leagues below ie heaton stan pizza van fish chips burgers make blyth an embarrassing
Occasionally have something different and better quality
Something eatable. You got all these food vans doing pitches these days surely you can rotate every game
Something better currently than on offer
Anything is an improvement in the ground.
Just nicer food
Not Alan Jones…and point out to shad that shutting before the game is a bit mental.
Something in house so we could increase income. Failing that, just something that isn’t shite and ends it being ridiculed on social media most weeks.
Same as now but better quality and few more options
Something a bit more imaginative than the usual greasy chips, burgers, ketchup with everything. A bit of decent street food – but tha’s just me dreaming…!
More than one catering location. Queuing is the biggest ball ache
Beer, and in house food
Better quality, decent price, one Bovril I bought was made using microwaved water!!
I’m not fussed, just want to see the current options improved and not lead to the club being embarassed on social media.
Bring it in house, make it really good quality and it will work, yes it will take time to sort, but look at the queues at places like Bradford pa, wasn’t cheap, people will pay for quality
Just a bigger choice and better quality…As long as fans accept they might have to pay a bit more for better food. But the choice is there.
Bacon or sausage sandwiches and better quality of what’s already on offer

As for the Spartans clubhouse, the results are very similar to last year. Perhaps a slight decline from 2022 as you can see, the ‘Good’ responses only just beat out the ‘Okay’ responses. On the plus side, this year It’s had no ‘Very Poor’ responses. Admittedly we did forget to ask about the ‘Quality of Pints’ but that doesn’t seem to come up in the ‘other comments’.

2022 Results

As for the drink’s prices, that feedback remains excellent.

2022 Results

As for the feedback, that seems a lot more direct and probably a bit more helpful this year. As you can see from the comments below, most of them revolve around the TV/sound system, upgrading the décor and faster service on a busy matchday.

What (if any) changes would you like to see in the Clubhouse?
Maybe a little renovation, nothing too over the top. A new projector maybes, current one has seen it’s time and Platten knows it *reset*
New TVs and big screen.
New decor and a face-lift. It’s like a time machine
More tvs or a upgraded projector for matches
Lick of paint and maybe some new pictures around the place
The clubhouse is spot on in terms of prices and the staff are brilliant. Toilets could do with a bit of work but other than that nothing to complain about.
Better toilets
A new screen
A bit of modernisation wouldnt go a miss and opening more regularly to create further income would be greatly welcomed by a number of people.
Card machine when the hatch is open outside, never carry cash
It is quite good but a further spread options of food would be nice
More pies at match day and the lad who sells them . Gets dressed up in a different costume every home game
Not bothered
The whole place needs to be revamped. Update the decor, get a decent big screen or projector and show all the sports channels.
More modern. New tables and chairs. New screen.
More natural light maybe Velux windows installed
Maybe a guest ale. A loyalty card where by after buying 5 pints the 6th is free or whatever number is worth doing.. offering a family who buy 2 alcoholic drinks that the child gets a free fruit shoot too  Food as well
Complete revamp, we’re so far behind other teams at this level.
Not much change needed
Better selection of beers and make the clubhouse more up to date , more football orientated
Could do with a bit modernisation, maybe some sort of loyalty card scheme 
Cleaner building especially the toilets.
 N A
The ‘bottle hatch’ is a good idea.
Clubhouse needs to be updated. TVs improved etc. Losing out on revenue by not showing early kick offs and European football.
The only change would be the projector and the screen
Disabled toilets inside
No opinion.
Revamp if affordable but it is decent
Bigger bar service area, or a bottle bar, or any way to serve people quicker
A full refurb as looks tired and dated
Updated interior
Updated decoration
Modern look would be better.
For Ben to stop smashing a glass of every shift
Needs a good clean
quality of entertainment/TV could be improved. the TV is poor quality and not really worth watching. also there is no real incentive to go to the clubhouse for families unless you’re there for a beer
Bigger bar / better quality tv in main bar
Indoor car/bottle bar with clear signage
Needs to be refurbished. It’s looking tired.. new paint job.
Not going to lie I rarely go in so not much on this
Not having to wait 15 mins in a queue to buy a beer.
More modern facility
Get rid of the 1980s big screen and replace it with more TVs where you can actually see the picture!
Meat draw. Need to keep people in longer after games . Or try to
better beer
More of a match day experience ie half time draw to take place in the clubhouse where everyone can see it, a bottle raffle, showing more games before and after the Blyth game to keep people in the bar spending money
needs modernised
Modernise the place, improve the projector screen and advertise it more, starting with the clubs social media.
Needs updated and more tvs around and put on more
Toilets need sorted.
None I love a beer before the match and at half time
Better selection of beers. Non alcoholic options. Can bar hood but runs out of stock on big games. Domino card, first goal, half time score type betting etc before game
More modern
But if entertainment on in the club after a game to try and get people to stick around. Run out of the popular products quite often.
its a dark and dingey dive of a place. and needs decent size tellies
Decent flat screen tvs  in big room
Nothing to add
It’s only open on match days so limited to what can be done
None it does a good job queues are always a pain on busy games but that’s life. A bit of refurbishment but understand the cost
It could be opened more often midweek to create extra revenue. Bands/quiz night etc.
Kevin Scott barred.
Fine as it is
Better TVs to watch the early kick off
Spruce it up a bit, put events on, open every weekend (is there a reason the commentary couldn’t be streamed from away games?). Mad that they didn’t stream the Fylde game.
Wider range of beer
Possible more options to raise supporter club funds, occasional guest speaker pre/post match
A real ale on match day
I say this every year, the clubhouse badly needs modernising. We travel every other week and you see the majority of the clubs take pride in their clubhouse. So much potential. Its been the same since I started going and maybe earlier, that was nearly 20 year ago.
An all round freshening up and ABIT money spent in there
Better TV/screens, better sound system, more football related decoration that can be removed for functions etc.
Open later after matches
 More seats and tables!
We can always improve, but it is well run by committed, hard working staff.

As for the club shop, we’ll look at this the response to this year’s new home and away kit which have had a very good response, both in sales and feedback seen here.

As for the club store, that once again continues to do well in feedback. In fact it seems to be doing slightly better than the previous year.

2022 Results

The online store seems to be doing roughly the same as it was this time last year, with 25% of those polled seemingly not using it.

2022 Results

The feedback, similar to last year is very varied that’s difficult to summarise briefly but they certainly produce some reasonable and helpful suggestions.

What’s your thoughts on the products available in the store and online?
Good little selection of items
No idea
Does the job
Good selection in store. Always have what you want to buy. Can’t comment on the online shop
Good options
Good range
Good selection and quality.
The boxers are great
Seems to be the same sort of thing at all times and no real fan voice as to what the stock is at any time.
Some stuff is alright , not a fan of errea, the sizing is shocking
Very good
Need more images on products (an example is the shirts, there is only one image for each shirt)
Good stuff
Havent bought anything other than the last two seasons kits so wouldnt know
All good
Need more kids and baby stuff
Should have more pocket money type of merchandise for your kids
Good, slightly expensive,
Well stocked + the info on new products is superb on social media
Always really good quality.
Its alright heard there has been times of an understock of items
Would be better if the shop was open longer half time, possibly bigger premises to allow a bigger of range of products
Appears to be fine.
Dont know
The quality is improving.
Good selection
Could be more varied
Alright if a bit underwhelming.
Get stuff like hoodies, trackies, gloves in
Good range
Good range of items with a good mix of price points
Decent stuff
Wouldnt know
Good be great to get more shirt availability
Good choice but sometimes need more stock of the popular sizes
I never really use it after buying the new shirts pre season
There ok
V goog
Okay. Could have a better choices. Perhaps vintage scarves and tops
It’s good
A bit confusing with sizes on some products but seems alright
In the main they are good.
Fair range but sometimes availability isnt great. Totally understandable though as no one wants to be left with stock they cant sell and being a small organisation, ordering in per order is probably the right model.
Needs an upgrade
Very good
Pretty good – would like a new Spartans t-shirt in there…like the one with the Spartans helmet prominent
Good products
Often out of stock and not then restocked
Good range
Another missed revenue opportunity. Far more could be offered, a tiny bit of research on what other teams do shows we are behind
Good. More stock needed for popular items (replica shirts, Oddball hats, scarfs etc.). More items needed such as mugs, pendants etc.. Check bestsellers of other clubs.
More variation
Nice selection
Good, covers a lot of bases.
what I want is never in stock
Not great
Don’t use them
A good range of stuff
Don’t know
Pretty decent
Limited number of items but the as ran by volunteers does the job!
Ok it’s not a big turnover so they can’t afford to stock loads of products.
The options are very solid.
Never any shirts in stock
Never exactly what you want and nothing for small children
Generally very good, online store sems dated and odd to navigate compared to other sites
Good would like a longer scarfs
Need more variety.
Superb, for a club at our level.
Probably more variety of products
Could broaden your range. I’d buy more stuff. Tshirts etc.
What (if any) changes would you like to see in the club shop or online store?
Probsbly just a little More advertisement from the club although they do get recognition quite often
Nothing atm.
Increased opening hours on matchdays
No changes
No suggestions
Would love to be given options on the kits of choice, better stocking of products and more variety of lifestyle pieces.
Couldnt think
Better stocked so you can walk in there all season and get  any top and any size
Kit customisation
Bigger selection
Couldnt say
Nicer away kit
It needs stronger PR
More childrens ranges
Shop should be open at halftime.. missing a trick with people changing ends
Can’t think of anything
Loyalty card for items bought
Hard to say i think its good enough for national north level
Extended to incorporate a Spartans museum. Obviously cost and space would be an issue, but in an ideal world
More retro stuff
Free delivery especially in the blyth area, click and collect from shop as an option to delivery
Make online shop more accessible as unable to search for it (its a faf)
Better pricing for people that find it hard
As above
No changes
A more flexible opening time.
More variety in products
More choice of branded stuff.
Club shop is in a tiny shed.
No change
Open more during matchday. Does it really need to close during the match?
It’s a place to go if you defo want something but it’s not a place to browse. You go in and immediately want to leave as your every move is eyeballed and you spend the next 20 seconds pretending you’re interested in the products while your legs automatically u turn the fuck outta that awkward little place.
not really an issue for me
There ok
Lanyards. Car sticker. BS footballs.
Bigger range
Not sure
Better communication around when the store is open at Croft Park.
Needs new product, like t-shirt, etc etc
see above
None of note
Restock of popular itrms
Shop extended (it is tiny), open and staffed for longer on matchdays, more lower cost items to let away fans get more souvenirs
Same comments as online
More variation
more availability of shirts etc especially in the more popular sizes
Freshen up
See above
Make it larger
not really bothered
I think the supporters club do a good job in terms of the club shop/online shop.
More stuff for the kids
Updated modern easy to use website
Open after matches
A lot.
Excellent shop….But maybe a big sign, mural, lighting, flags and/or a couple of picnic tables outside to physically ‘welcome’ people into the entrance (like the social club, I feel it is a bit ‘hidden’ at the entrance level). 
See above
Open a little bit longer

This year we thought we’d put ourselves out there as well, as it’s a little unfair to poll you on every other part of the club without giving people the chance to comment on us. Some… interesting comments for sure, but some stuff for us to improve on as well.

Any thoughts/comments on the Green Army supporters group?
Quality group of lads who do as much as possible for the club.
Heard they all have big willies
Good lads
The lads do a brilliant job and I think they speak for a lot of supporters. Had various dealings with them and always good on comms. The club could learn a thing or two from them.
That Owen Elliott is so handsome
Absolute credit to the club and more needs to be done from official channels to support them. Without them, the away following would be next to nothing and what they are building for home matches is quality. Self-funded from people who have no proper experience in this kid of thing. Hats off to them.
I think they are good support for the club
Good bunch of lads
very good for keeping up to date with matchday experiences when not able to go
Different payments to join other than PayPal
Class, need more fans like you lot
Doing a great job
Very clicky. Embarrassing letting a darlo fan on the bus.
Keep up the great work.
There keen and compassionate
Great resource not used by the club
Probably better organised then the board are
Good supporters
Keep going lads, like the thought of the reduced prices on away travel
Their hard work, dedication and humour is one of Blyths best assets.
Class, communicates there thoughts, entertaining (brings publicity on the club) good organisation with the busses for away travel
Really good
Alright, sometimes a bit daft on twitter but hey ho
Top quality work organising buses
A  huge benefit to the team.
No thoughts
They are fanatics.
Very enthusiastic, keep it up
Old Green Army > New Green Army
Canny set of lads
I get more info from green army than I do from the club
I think the lads are great at speaking on behalf of the supporters and say how us as fans feel. Especially when there’s little to no communication from the club. Without them I don’t think there would be much in the way of a voice for the fans.
Always good for news on the club.
Great stuff
Amazing support and great tweets
Do a great job but pissing into the wind with the current club set up. Hats off to the lads for trying to create a voice.
It’s a fun group to be part of
Keep up the good work.
Severe alcoholics
as a supporter who regularly attends away games, they do a great job making sure fans get to games. whilst I don’t think they need special praise for their efforts, I think alot of what they do goes unnoticed
There doing fine
Quality bunch of lads, bunch of retards but wouldnt change the lads
Needs to be for the masses.
They’re the backbone of the club. More recognition should be given to the supporters group.
That Jack Morton is a lampost nonce tbf
They appear to do a good job.
Canny set of lads
great group of lads, dedicated to a club that takes their unwavering support for granted
good lads if your face fits though
Top lads, some shit drinkers but overall sound lads with varying cock sizes
Yes tha belta
Do everything they can for the club and without them would be no away travel at all !
Top work, loved the statement to end the season.
Doing their best, efforts appreciated as making any change no matter how small is a challenge in a club run by the few for the few
Very good
You’re great!
Keep doing what you are doing.
some of the twitter posts are good craic then you spoil it with immature, bigoted shite like calling people faggots. grow up man. be better.
Good pie sellers
Seems OK
Lovely people
Good bunch of lads doing their bit for the club
Doing a great job trying to bridge the gap between club and fans
You guys do an amazing job,without yous this club would rot away.
Absolute legends
Spot on
Very useful forum
Great away following.
Could be a link to Board if they allowed it or entered into dialogue with them. Interests of supporters at heart.
Do an excellent job.
They make sure us raging alcoholics get around the country every other week, can’t ask for more than that really. Seriously they do absolutely everything for the club. For example, cover the clubs back in terms of comms and answering queries for supporters outside the club. Sound bunch of lads.
Good, my go to for updates/general craic
Nice to see people who genuinely care about the club and try everything they can to make positive changes. If only the people in power had the same passion and care!
I think it’s ready for the next step, some actual focused input to the club, a bit like this survey, collate infor and pass it to the club, but they need to take it on board, there may be good reasons some stuff can go further but some things seem common sense.
You do so well for this club, thanks from me and Andy.
Brilliant work. Especially on social media. They are ‘independent’ of the club and that is important but their work needs to compliment and – at the end of the day – support the image of BSAFC – just important to have that in mind, I think.
Really good craic on twitter
Some valid comments they bring to the club. I get most of my info from green army.

We also asked you for thoughts on the Media/Website as that’s been a bit of a hot topic at times over the last 12 months. Admittedly the results are probably a bit better than first predicted.

Any additional comments on the website or social media pages?
Poor content. Not very interactive at the best of times
Media output is awful
Website needs to be updated more often. Statistics, match reports actually being filed in the match report section etc. Social media output is inconsistent, some games there is plenty build up and publicising. However some games, you wouldn’t even know we were playing til the morning of the game.
Cringy posts
Little engagement compared to other clubs
Need more, PR has been awful in recent seasons, needs to improve. Last game of the season was brilliant as they needed the fans but it should be like that all the time.
Website is starting to look a little dated.
Very poor media group
Website is desperate for an update and the social media needs a whole new lease of life. In all honesty, it seems like the media team dont know how to properly use each platform, positing is sporadic, half arsed and lacking any consistency. Its quite embarrassing to see the output at times.
Poor media
Needs to be updated more
Highlights come out 3-7 days after a match, training videos could also be a new idea?
Ensure its kept up to date
Better twitter admins. Advertise games more.
Needs a designated person
The official website still has pages which are out of date
Website isnt updated very quickly with information, seems slow.
We really pushed the socials for the last game of the season and we got a really good crowd. Often last season we’d only put one post up the day before a game and is an obvious area we could improve.
Instagram is barely used sometimes the team is put on there and times it isnt
The instagram isnt as active as the twitter
Could do with more content
Can be cringey at times
Not always up to date
No comments
Why is buying tickets online such a chore. Sort it out and make it easier.
Media updates can be poor, none existent, or good. All volunteers, but we need to promote ourselves better if we are to attract people.
Website needs updating, match ticket section has photo from players from a couple years back etc.
No all good.
More transparency from the top, more audio pieces with people other than manager
Let the Green Army run the Twitter feed!!
The official Facebook page could be used more to promote the up and coming games
Social media is massively important for the club and whilst we know we rely on volunteers we need to make sure we generate the interest and excitement for signings, games and fan engagement.
Needs modernisation
you can only pass with the cock you’ve got!
The fixtures set up needs to be improved and league table updated quicker.
A bit more of an effort it seems this season but everything is just disconnected with info from the club to fans
The fixture page is appallingly bad and hard to  read
all top class
social media pages where the links actually work
Better communication from club (big ask)
Needs more relevant communicatio
does what i need it to do
Decent intervie after game with managrt
Should be more informative and up to date
Would like to see more updates on injuries eg in.match previews.
They do the basic stuff okay just need to work on attracting more people along
Need to keep fans updated rather than a one line comment months after the event
Hardly ever keeps up with the matches very poor
Website needs to be updated more quickly, and things like the history of Spartans stopping years ago are a bit pathetic.
The social media pages are fine but there is a lack of information and goings on a lot of the time. And that isn’t the fault of the people running the socials, its the lack of transparency from the club itself.
Would be good if we could find someone to write posts and features who has a decent command of the language. Some recent material has been embarrassingly bad. I mean seriously bad…
Media team need to be more inquisitive around injuries, players leaving the club (Chiabi an example) and getting the board to comment/update more
More transparency on in and outs.
The website has been the same for years, its another thing that could easily be updated & modernised. The club barely post on Instagram which again could be used to promote the club to potential new supporters.
Social media needs to be consistent, this represents the club, generally good but at times can be a bit childish
Generally very good and some people put a lot of hard (voluntary) work into it.
More info

On now to your thoughts on Croft Park. Once again, a very wide variety of responses!

What’s your thoughts on Croft Park? And what improvements would you like to see (if any)?
Just the catering I think, maybe a clean up here and there seems to be a lot of bird shit all the time.
Tannoid still echoing like its in a tin
Good ground for the level but full potential is not being exploited
Better sound system, upgraded toilets, better stewards,
Good ground compared to a lot of others in the league, just need upgrade PA system
I think its suitable for the level we are at again toilets etc. could be brought up a level or two.
The old Ash Terracing updated and brought back, to give more options and bigger capacity if ever required.
Better PA, half time entertainment like penalty shoot out with home and away fans taking part
Apart from the bad food not to bad
Croft Park on the surface is a good ground. Scratch the surface though and its faults are apparent. Tannoy May as well not be there, build up to matches and any other form of experience doesnt exist.
Improve the PA sound system.
Good for out level
Needs expanded
An Ten Nae need a renewal
Add seated area to one terrace (almost a family zone as loads of kids attend)
Its fine for this level
The sound system needs to be replaced floodlights need upgrading
Shithole. Knock down the fed shed. Sort the toilets out. Get a bait hut sorted. New PA system.
No changes with regards to the ground
Toilet facilities improved floodlights repaired
Better stands/seating, better PA system and catering. Maybe a fan zone for away fans
Speakers need improving.
Would move to a purpose built stadium at Meggies burn in conjuction with Texo…
The Texo community stadium.. ( New Croft Park ).. Or take over Broadway field like the council apparently ask them to a fee yeR back..or  Croft Park needs a new stand with proper corporate facilities
More seating
A decent catering van or permanent premises for catering
Old toilet block knocked down – looks grotty. Better tannoy system and get a tannoy announcer who speaks clearly and understandable
I really like Croft Park as a stadium. There are the obvious things that could be improved toilets, lights, PA system, Catering and a bar inside the ground for fans.
One of the better grounds in the league with all 4 sides covered
Proper segregation for away fans, better tannoy system,  better welfare facilities, better catering (over priced rubbish at the present time)
Great ground
Still a few absolute knackers allowed in
Exits/entrances leading directly to the Broadway stand to prevent congestion infront of the Croftway stand. And toilets on that side.

More wheelchair spaces around the ground.

New PA system, it cannot be heard behind the goal a lot of the time.

More seats.
I think the ground is fine.  But It needs a good tidy up. It’s very untidy with items just left here abd there. Also the tannoy system is awful.
Better parking
The opportunity to pay at the gate and admission to the Port of Blyth stand
Good ground. platten out
Get some more toilets for the other side of the ground, the old stand. It’s not on having to trek to the poor state of toilets in the ground.
Good ground, could do with all round cover like both ends
The ground on the whole is good, and actually one of the better grounds in the league. Toilets could do with a spruce up, and as mentioned, better burger van.
The PA system
Better toilets
More needs to be done to generate a better atmosphere, if there was more going on, I think the atmosphere could lift players even more. We saw what happened against Wrexham at home, and against Hereford, the atmosphere plays such a crucial role on the game and the squad.
Speakers, catering,…
One of the best in the league
Better PA. More & improved toilets.
All good
I think its fine for the club’s league level.
Love the ground.  Toilets need updating, most clubs now offer free menstrual products in the women’s toilets. New PA system. Better disable stand
Sometimes we pop in the stand and when we ask the fella what seats are free he just says don’t know just go sit down. We’ve then been booted out of seats loads. Bit daft.
Better announcers and music
Better toilet facilities, half time activities e.g.maybe with the junior football team demonstrations. Improving the catering.
I believe croft Park could be more appealing to families or even fans who don’t regularly attend. it could become a great day out if the right steps were taken but it seems that its an after thought as far as the football is concerned. we could take a lot from other local clubs as far as matchplay experience is concerned
The toilets and wash facility’s are shocking !
Ban the retards
Tannoy is diabolical. Stewarding in panto.
Ground needs improvement. Toilets facilities need improvement.
Better catering and better disability facilities.
Just better food facilities and  more organised/faster turnstiles
Ground ok
Would like the old shed on the Broadway side knocked down and a new enclosed terrace, like those behind both goals, built along the whole of the Broadway side. Also need better segregation when required, as in proper gates that can be closed.
Tannoy is awful but other than that no improvements to the ground its fine as it is.
Clubhouse could do with some tarmac laying at the front, it looks scruffy.
Excellent ground
Great ground – but needs better catering and drinks offering

– Toilets in the ground are absolutely foul and desperately need an overhaul (or burning to the ground!)
– Better catering facilities
– A tannoy system that works properly in all areas of the ground
it’s fine, meets ground grading
Overall good stadium for the level but PA system needs massively updating
Could do with a spruce up
The best
Tannoy system needs updated and better music played too old
Love it. Maybe better provision for disabled fans?
The bird shit being cleaned off all of the stands where people stand. The barriers are covered in it.
Decent ground
Toilets are disgusting. PA system woeful. Main stand too small.
Still small
Ground is good but needs a better PA sumystem
PA that you could hear would be nice.
Designated area for families to stand with their children.
PA system is hideous
Beer hut and decent food in the ground
Better toilet facilities and tapering of walls at each end of Fed stand to give better views of corners from within the rear of the stand
It’s a canny ground come on a long way from a couple of hills either end. Bringing in online tickets is a good move.
Need a better PA system
Better sound system,match day experience better,toilets across at fergie stand,better catering vans etc etc the list could go on.
Stop supporters smoking in stands signs are up but are egnored
Plenty people would volunteer to spruce up the ground if the fossils at the top would allow. There are a lot worse stadium at our level. We’d also make more money if everyone was charged to get in, especially those who arrive at half time.
Stuck in a rut. Bad catering and toilet facilities. Can’t handle a capacity crowd.
Sound system improved and bar areas bit like at Spennymoor
It’s a ‘proper’ football ground unlike others in the area: when nearly full it’s brilliant. BUT PLEASE get a decent sound system installed!!!!!
Tannoy sound quality awful in part of ground, Patterson House/Fed Shed area
Rather have money spent on team
If possible try and find a way to make the clubhouse be inside the parimeter of Croft Park so you can somehow drink on the terraces.  Get a proper food hut/shed built. A lot of the clubs in our league have something similar. Fix the tannoy system so you can actually hear the teams being read out. Small things make the diffence.
Other than internally ran catering nine at present, not as if we are going up anytime soon
Good ground
Very good ground for the level.
Excellent stadium for this level of football. Obviously there are ‘better’ stadiums from bigger name clubs with more money,  but there are also a hell of a lot worse…Yes, we can improve but a lot of improvements have already been made over the last 20 years, and that investment  is a big credit to the club. (Credit they won’t get).
It’s an old ground with so much soul, modernisation would ruin it.
The speaker system is rubbish

Now, onto the main portion. First of all, we’ll start off with the ‘Matchday Experience’ and compared it to the 2022 poll. That seems to have taken a bit of a dip this time around. A lot less ‘Very Good’ and a bit less ‘Good’ this time around with ‘Okay’ taking a comfortable lead. Of course with some of the comments to follow, you can see why that is.

2022 Results

How could the match-day experience be improved?
Winning games
Half time entertainment
Better bait, better music, better team
Beer inside the ground, our own/different catering. New pa system, new pa announcer. Events or competitions to get people into the ground before 2.55
Better music before matches, better pa announcer ( as the one we currently have is fucking useless and cluless)
On pitch entertainment at half time
I think there is a big gap in terms of entertainment, could do things before and at half time. The PA system is useless. Never know the results of the half time draw either.
Upgrade in Speakers so that you can actually understand
See above
Better food and a better atmosphere
Tannoy system improved, meet and greet with the players, half time competitions, better catering options, displays from fans with support from the club.
Being able to have a can of beer in the ground, would stop people leaving for the club early and keep the queues down.
By improving the PA sound system.
Yes theres nothing to pull you in at the minute
More noise
Definitely the food van winning more home games
Dont know
More off the pitch activity in the club house and engage more with families.
Improve the match day sponsor experience
Too much to write
Much much better catering. Lower prices for entry.
Free admission to under 16
More involvement of supporters in decision making and club running. Perhaps the directors could use an evaluation form, if they’re not afraid of getting feedback
Better catering, better sound system. No drinks on terraces.
Better tannoy system.. more bogs.. much better catering facilities.. more turnstiles open
Better parking
Maybe get local big brand supermarkets involves, something like a little free goody bag for the kids
More up to date songs and all the improvements I mentioned in a previous post.
A bit more of an atmosphere like in the Hereford game with the port of Blyth stand decoration before the game.
Maybe more flags as well which could be used to take to away games like Leamington have
Maybe permanent segregation as its gonna be used for half the games anyway
Sell more tickets for 50/50 including selling in ground and clubhouse before games,selling programmes inside clubhouse,cheaper pies
Be nice if half time draw was done on pitch.  Always seems to be exactly £100 which sound odd
Improve food options
More wins!
Improve team and Croft Park.
It is ok at the min
Get rid of online tickets. Not always way for older supporters to use
Dunno, good atmosphere most times
More toilets, fix the PA as it is a shocker, sack the bloke playing music at half time (whats the point?) Get a uniform for Colin Blackett (4XL) so he can’t wear grandad jeans.
Winning more
Better catering, Liam Henderson being banned
A winning team
Bring concession charges for over 60’s
Better food, better announcement system etc.
Better sound system/less bollocks on the PA.
Better PA. Clubhouse improvements.
Improve PA
Not sure. Other than better performances on the pitch. I don’t really go to away games to judge of grounds at NLN level.
Maybe play some music at half time and after the match
Stop playing come of feel the noise before games it’s ancient and shite and hurts your ears on the wank tannoys.
Someone put a straight jacket on cole Williams for when Spartans score cos he tends to try choke everyone of slap Everyone
Sort out the tannoys and announcements and music
Be able to have a pie and a pint in the ground. Not have to faff on going to the clubhouse.
far too many reasons to list but not alot to positive about
Better tannoy system 
Better quality of football were watching
Better tannoy. Better announcer.
Better communication between Club and supporters. More catering choices
No idea
No more shitty music and speakers on so loud where you have a headache at half time
Winning a few games
Better facilities.
If we win more games haha
Be good to get a pint in ground
Better ale – should work with local real ale producers. Wider catering facilities reducing queue times
– Better music on the PA system, not the same 5 songs on repeat
– Half time entertainment (cross bar challenge, pens against the subs etc)
more entertainment, fanzone maybe
Better food and better PA system and beer sold inside the ground.
Make more of a family atmosphere
Advertising the games more and get the place rocking and intimidating for opposition.
Half time entertainment even as simple as win a ticket to next home game if you can hit cross bar from half way line or something simple like that
Free beer in clubhouse for the hard working Green Army team
Reduce the prices to what it was. Better food.
Half time entertainment, better good, bar enabling during within ground (Farsley etc)
More exiting entrance and fan interaction
More intense promotion and activity as seen at the last game of the season. The whole experience with the flags etc made for a much better atmosphere
Understand the announcements
Better pre match music, half time competitions on the pitch, better catering facilities, more efficient stewards.
unpopular answer but I hate the fans changing ends at HT. we need an ‘end’
Better food beer hut
Something to entertain supporters prior to kick off and at half time
Better Pa.
A bit more organisation to promote match days would be a start.
Very dated needs updating
Move with the times.
Not sure
Better PA system
Pa system, a clock
Better catering, youth involvement, other stuff going on, bottle/tin bar…basically most things other clubs have instigated in the last 5 years while we plod along as you were.
Better bar food facilities inside ground
Better selection of music – and played on a better sound system (see above!)
More food locations in the ground
Catering and a better team
Like the last home game , flags etc. Plus what happened to the teams entrance  song?
The atmosphere is very hit and miss. Not sure if the ability to be able to drink on the terraces would improve things. Supporting a team to be proud of again. Coming to Croft Park has been a bit of a chore for about 4 seasons now (Apart from about 6 weeks beginning of the 21/22 season)
Better tannoy that you can hear
Proper stewards, one issue, several times this season stewards have moved kids who are standing up against the fence behind the goal but they won’t move an adult along incase they get greif, needs consistency
If it is to be cancelled due to bad weather. Tell supporters earlier. Before they start to travel
Not sure, improve it though.
Just look at clubs like FCUM (lower league) or Dulwich Hamlet….Craft Stalls, food outlets, community engagement with fans, play areas, nature areas, live music, …..there’s so much that could be done. Nuff said. We need volunteers to do these things though ??…And they should be engaged, and invited.
The PA system is shit and the music is awful
Score more goals

As for the football club’s communication, that approval rating is down from 24% last season to 6%, which is canny staggering. And this was BEFORE the Nathan Buddle statement from last week.

2022 Results

This year we asked if thought the club was well ran compared to other clubs in the National League North, and the results were pretty similar to the last question.

Next up, we asked you if you thought the football club took supporters concerns seriously. That approval rating has now dropped from 14% to 5%.

2022 results.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with the ‘any other comments’ section. Thanks again to everyone who filled in this year’s survey!

Any other comments? Or changes you would like to see at the football club?
Change of ownership, or maybe current show some ambition for once. Absolute dinosaurs with no will to move forward. Embarrassment
Fix the 1899 club
Transparency between board and fans. Taking initiative in terms of fundraising (speculate to accumulate) or crowd funding. I would like to see us try some different approaches without looking at costs.
More transparency with whats happening within the club. The hierarchy to listen to supporters opinions and take them on board. Our own food facility within the ground with good food catering.
Better investment in playing squad
Some ambition would be nice and some stability with the squad.
More communication from the board
Said it again last year and I;ll say it again this year. Listen to the fans. People are doing all they can to help this club and its always a nose turned up at suggestions or fobbed off with tried that, didnt work If the current board dont want to change things, then let someone who does take charge. Credit to everyone for what they do and have done and the club, but maybe things have ran their course and change is exactly whas needed?
Some ambition would be nice, not another relegation scrap
Platten out
Get some nice red wine like 19 crime s the stuff Thay sell takes your head off
More media!!
There needs to be a realisation that the football club is like a business and at this level, The supporters are the customers and the customer experience needs to be improved overall.
Platten out.
Board to step a side, they’ve ran there race.
New investment and new direction regarding management of club, if a new chair is required then so be it.
Supporters on the board and a supporters trust
Some members of the exec committee if there are any left being more hands on in getting out to visit potential new sponsors
Stop playing from the back, the amount of goals we concede from this is costing us  points
A loyalty card scheme where regular supporters could have a card stamped, i.e on a match day or items bought from the club shop, and so many points on these cards could go towards a couple of free drinks in the clubhouse etc at the end of the season, this could go to show how much the support is appreciated
The club needs to think about the way club is run. Surviving relegation only just every season is not going to attract fans and eventually loyal fans will loose interest also. Club needs to seek more investment and show more ambition.
Just for the club to take on board the fans feelings from this survey after ignoring the previous 2 would go some way to bring everyone together for the better of the club.
Hopefully some flags as atmosphere for the derbies and the big games like Chester and scunny
Reduce prices for hospitality to encourage more businesses and fans to take up the experience,make a concerted effort to try and encourage more businesses to invest in the club,encourage more people to attend by offering free tickets to schools and have it more as an experience by takjng it as a match sponsorship
get a grip
Lets hope for a season that we dont flirt with relegation again
Major outside investment with new people coming on board and at least having some sort of plan for the future other than just existing and asking supporters for more money over and over.
Better communication is needed, but we should be thankful the present ‘Exec’ saved the Club. They have invested a lot over time and their own finance into the Club and I doubt they would just leave us high and dry. A new investor, if there was one in Blyth might not give us this. However as supporters we need to understand what the plan is going forward.  At present I’m totally I’m the dark.
No am satisfied at the min when I come I do enjoy it
Sign better players Im aware that other local teams are catching us up in terms of signing players with ability and having better communication with their fans
Platten out
The board are not interested in what the fans opinion is, there are no incentives to be season ticket holders and the facilities are primitive.
Some young fresh ideas taken on board by the suits, rather than ideas being shot down all the time
A chairman that listens and doesn’t bush off surporters views.
We need to invest the new money coming into the club with the increased ticket prices. If they don’t it will drive more people away. I understand the increase due to the costs of day to day increasing. But if the money doesn’t get used properly it’s going to turn people off coming to games. Also there needs to be better communication with the fans as to why things are happening. There’s been no mention of retained lists and it’s been two weeks since the season ended. 
A better team, new investment.
New investor in
Theres not a queue of rich people out there wanting to buy a football club, we are safe and secure, we dont have 1000 people in Blyth who want to come every week no matter how good we play. Honestly think its better the devil you know situation. Where fans and fan groups think some rich owner will come from or where they think more money from Tony etc can come from is beyond me.
Major investment / facelift / better promo / family events to generate interest
No comment
Can we just be better?!?!?!?
More promotion for home games, hopefully it’ll bring more people to the ground. Generally more promotion for the club and the things the club dose to support the local area
I think players should volunteer in the community. 2 events for each player per year isn’t too big an ask. Do a beach clean, do a bit of painting and decorating to help out local charities, take donations to food banks. There’s loads of opportunities like that out there. Get to know the area, create new fans and connect with the town. Use local media and socials to publicise it. Players should give out 2 free tickets every time they volunteer. Invite people in that way and get new fans. Also change the frigging come of feel the noise song its outdated and painful.
Every time Spartans score everyone has to buy sellar a drink, great entertainment when hes hammered
Better communication with the fans
A change in “ownership” to take us forward instead of wallowing in the dung for season after season. We stayed up this year and the last game of the season was treated as if we had won the cup final but really we were very poor all season. Nowt to celebrate or be proud of. I worry that our survival will encourage the culprits to carry on as usual
whilst I’m concerned of the direction the club is heading, I’m not part of the “platen out” brigade!  im realistic in the fact that there isn’t a Ryan Reynolds out there ready to take us over so I put my full support behind the team, whether that’d the right thing or not!
Club needs brought into this century
Entrance tickets are abused. Easy to access every game with same ticket. No controls in place.
New owners
Platten out
Existing management needs to step aside for younger new ideas.
Need to be more professional as it appears we are being left behind compared to the other clubs on our league.
Hundreds and Ive told TP and to be fair he gave me a business card and asked me to put it all down for him Havent bothered though because it wont make any difference as in the past ideas to help the club have not been listened to. The club needs to be more aligned with the community, more active with the community and understanding the people who live here, that is when the community will talk positively about the club and it will attract more people along to watch etc.
if we want the team not to try to save another year, some major changes have to be made
People kept in club longer means more money
Better catering/real ale offering
Im guessing a lot of people will be saying stuff like platten out or sack the board but lets be honest, if TP decided to take what hes owed and run for the hills there wouldnt be a club, so until one of us wins the lottery were stuck with him. Im not saying there doesnt need to be changes at board level but i would suggest that the more grief TP gets the less likely he is to listen to supporters concerns especially while those supporters are still paying over their dosh week in and week out. Businessmen are only concerned with the bottom line. If there was a silent protest (a mass boycott of a game or two) then i suspect they would take more notice of supporters concerns and it could possibly open up new lines of communication between the club and the supporters. Just my opinion of course.
Crammy pick ups next season
New owners
Supporters are the lifeline of a club they can’t continue to rely on loyalty, they need to be attracting more new fans, the new prices won’t do that without a significant upturn in performances and investment
Win the bastad league
More communication from the top !
Better comms. Retained list is prime example, why no Buddle?
More influence from fans required, fans on executive committee etc..
Total restructure
I run a sports team (not football but similar size crowds) and it’s flippin hard work – I don’t get paid though- so I sympathise with those trying to run the shop etc. They are doing a hard job well.
I would like to see more information about the finances of the club and where the money raised from initiatives goes.
should set up corporate partnerships with local businesses, 20% off food n drinks in blyth with a valid match ticket, cheap bus travel 2 hrs before and after games. club shop discount for ST holders. that kind of thing.
Become a fan owned club
Need a plan. What happens after TP
Need to modernise feels very much like it was 20 or 30 years ago where there is no real innovation. They talk the club down but there is no plan. Should be putting together a 5 year plan  of where they want to be and how they are going to do it. It’s not all about putting money in its about being creative with what you got. There is a lot of money coning into the area, where is the link up with the people coming in to work at the wind farm, port and all the new houses. Not hard to think of a plan to attract people
Club needs someone to take it in and invest in the club, foundations are there in place, unfortunately the current owner is not the man
Get rid of the gentleman’s club status and be honest with supporters.
Sort the match day  blyth live  out its very poor
Better communication
Platten needs to listen to the fans, we all have the club’s best interests at heart and offer constructive criticism to try and help not to have a go. When it’s ignored that’s what breeds resentment and becomes a vicious circle.
Also how about effective stewarding to nip the excesses of fans who created an atmosphere in the bud before it got out of hand, rather than banning them and turning croft park into a funeral parlour?
Bring a friend…ffs. We have no friends left to try and little to temp then along with.
Better communication from club. Seems to be all top secret from within club. If they cant/wont fund squad or can not afford to be in league without risking the future of the club say so
More clarity from the Board regarding our financial situation. Think you’d be amazed, Blazers, if you explained the realities of running the club to the fans. You’d be surprised at how generally accepting/understanding we would be. It’s when we don’t know stuff that the rumours and rumblings start.
A more determined effort behind the scenes that goes beyond just surviving!
Fans taking a bigger part in decisions/plans
Some effort to get the crowds in. I know a winning team helps.
I just think the club has big potential but I feel like the board are just happy for the club to survive or simply don’t know how to grow the football club. But I do feel the bridge has already burnt down and the town just doesn’t have faith in the hierarchy. Doesn’t help whenever Green Army run supporter surveys or open Q&A’s nights, there is an excuse in the way of every idea put forward. Very tiresome
I’d just like to see more positivity and at least a glimmer of hope. It’s hard enough to get people through the gate without paying knowing that there is little or no ambition from above.
Start planning for the future, younger faces encouraged to get actively involved, at the minute it seems hard for anyone to get involved. Change is not welcomed, if you standstill you go backwards. We have been standing still for a decade
Better communication from the club to supporters
Tony Platten out now
On a week to week level, we are a very ‘well run’ club for this level with the board and volunteers (especially the media side) perhaps not getting the credit for the work that is put in….But, blimey, there is so, so much more that the club could achieve by embracing new ideas, new initiatives and engaging with supporters. But I think we need more volunteers, more staff to do this….The club need to work a strategy out to do this.
We need cash to compete in the NLN
Promote the club  more