Green Army 2023/24 Memberships

Our membership scheme for the 2023/24 is ready to go!

Despite the rising cost in away travel, we’ve decided to keep the cost of memberships at £20 for this season to make it that but more affordable for everyone.

Not only that, we’ve thrown in a bonus benefit! If you sign up before the 30th of June, you can claim a free pie from the pie stall on the opening day of the season! Don’t say we never treat you 😅

This year we’ll also be looking to work with some Blyth based business to help give them some promotion and business.

Like last year, any money raised from memberships will be used to discount busses, purchase prizes as well a few other things we have in the pipe line.

At the moment we can only take PayPal payments online. If you don’t have PayPal, fear not! Just simply send the £20 via bank transfer to the details below.



Dan Rolls

Make sure you also email with your details so we can send your card out!