Fan Q&A – Martyn Hasto

Hasto, how long have you been following Spartans what got you into them?

On and off since 1989, I used to work with Steve Cuggy’s brother, and he lured me here with the promise of free tickets. Which he never actually got for me come to think of it.

Favourite memory/story from your time following Blyth?

Ashton United away when the Green Army were Mexicans was a great day. I enjoyed a few drinks in a dodgy pub (which obviously had a clientele who like to indulge in the Jazz Talc) before the game. The highlight, though, was the Cannock lads with the wall and Donald Trump. Superb.

Give is your all time Spartans XI and why?

Very difficult to choose. Just don’t ask what formation they would play : Woolston, Williams, Leeson, Buddle, Reid, Bond, Roberts, Dale, Bell, Maguire, Luke Armstrong.

How do you think Spartans have done so far this season and where do you think we need some improvement? I think we have just lacked that cutting edge in the final third.

Luckily, Ronaldo is on his way, and he should give us a bit more up top.

Shag marry kill – Paul Robinson, Pieface and Drew Hillary (the honey monster).

Definitely marry Robbo, shag Pieface (but would be thinking of Cabbage), so kill Drew. Sorry, Drew, you drew the short straw.

As a bus veteran, who’d you reckon are the best and worse drinks amongst the lads?

John Auld is an absolute monster on the drink. Worst, based on his performance at Spenny last season, Liam Robinson

Biggest shithole you’ve been to with Blyth so far?

Probably Goole. Not a fan of grounds with running tracks or the name Goole.

Lastly, how would you like to see the club improve in the near future and what changes would you like to see?

Install a hot tub viewing platform. A small ice rink / roller rink depending on the time of the season. Rename the clubhouse ‘The Fanzone’ and ban all Lonsdale trainers.