Fan Q&A – Jonny Lillico

The original Pegswood Spartan himself, Tom Devitt impersonator and Robbie Dale chauffeur Jonny Lillico is in the hot seat for a Fan Q&A.

Firstly mate, how you coping at Spartans now Robbie Dale is gone?

It was a weird one for me because I’ve been coming to Blyth since I was 8 and Robbie as always been at the club. Its taken a few games to get over it but I’m alright with it now. Been a pleasure watching him don the green and white shirt over the years!

You’ve caught a few Ashington games this season – how are the ex Spartans getting on?

Yeah they’ve been doing very well and the ex Spartans lads have played a big part in their good start to the season. Robbie, Dan Maguire, Andrew Cartwright, Craig Spooner have been excellent all season so far.

Edit – #BringBackCraigSpooner

Few months into the season in now, the squad is more or less settled and Fents is in. How you feeling about things at the moment?

I’m a bit more optimistic than I was at the start of the season. From the games I’ve seen Fenton has got the lads well organised and harder to beat. I like that he’s very passionate on the touchline. Been very impressed with Lewis McNall and his goals have been vital to us picking up results this season. A couple of more signings and will be nice. I’m happy with where we’re at and I’m sure it will keep improving as the season goes on!

Shag marry kill. Liam Allan, Pieface and Malc the driver?

Marry Liam, Shag Big Malc and kill Pieface. Sorry Pie you’re a cracking lad.

As a fellow away day veteran (the only one who doesn’t drink!) what’s been some of your favourite trips away with the lads?

There’s been some belting away trips over the years. Leek was probably the best game of football I’ve ever seen. Hartlepool was a great night for all . Since we rejoined the NLN there’s been some great days. Southport, York, FC United, been a couple of good days at Stockport. It’s difficult to pick one out as they’ve all been really good days and I think the lads that go make the day more enjoyable!

Obviously we have Chorley away in the cup. Are you confident we can get past them and go in a run?

I’m confident we can beat Chorley, we’ve had a good record down there over the last few years. It’s a cracking away day as well and I’m really looking forward to it and a cup run would be massive for the club.

As a bus veteran, who’d you reckon are the best and worse drinks amongst the lads?

Best drinker probably Gary Allan, he’d out drink most on the bus. Worst drinker has to be Adam Uddgren by a long way. He’s normally pissed an hour into the trip and sometimes I’m surprised he makes the game. Mind Thomas Luke didn’t cover himself in any glory at Gloucester last season. Spent more time spewing than watching the game!

How’d you feel about the Tom Devitt comparisons?

Yeah the Tom Devitt comparisons are quite accurate. When he signed I knew the comparisons would start quite early.

Lastly, how would you like to see the club improve in the near future and what changes would you like to see?

Communication is key and I think the club sometimes need to be a bit more informative to the fans. Club updates each month would be ideal. I do think we’re behind other clubs when it comes to match day entertainment. When we go away there’s things that other clubs do which I think we could pick up on and improve on our own match day experience for younger fans especially to keep them coming back.