Fan Q&A – Dan Hume

Humey, I presume you’ve recovered from Kettering away? Sum up the day/game for us.

We’ll only just, kind of traumatic experience, and that’s not about the football 😂 the grounds a bit shit. Basically they were clinical in front of goal, we weren’t , it’s that simple.

So far this season has been a very mixed bag on and off the field. What’s been some of your favourite moments so far?

This season has to be that late dramatic comeback victory v Buxton! Tbh, I think it’s the last time we’ve won 😭 get Nicholson upfront when he’s fit

I know you came to Spartans a bit as a youngster but as a regular who makes nearly every away game these days, what’s your favourite thing about following Spartans?

Yeah fell in the love with the club when my Scott (R.I.P) was there and never stopped, but as I chef I worked almost all day ever Saturday and couldn’t get to a lot of game, things have changed now so like you say I try to get to all of not most ! But it’s just something about non-league , I love it, and the crack with the lads and even the players!

Having been on a few nights out and awaydays, who’s a better drinker. Soulsby or Pieface?

Is that even a question? Pie face can handle his beer and Jack Daniels! Seen Soulsby worse for wear in the quay to many times!

Looking at the current squad at this time and taking injuries in account, what do you think the team needs to improve?

I think you know what I’m gonna say, a goal scorer! Or 2 especially with it be unknown about Macca, we are fairly solid at the back especially with Elsdon in there and we are creating chances , just seem to bottle in front of goal every time! But at least we are creating chances , so when we do hopefully get some one in or some one steps up , there gonna get chances!

Favourite away day so far and why?

Chester away if you forgot about the second half 😂 but na Southport away on a Tuesday night , drove up with Parker and Matt Justice! 3-2 win after been 1-0 down and JJ scoring a wonder goal! A Macca header and Paddy almond goal! There’s been many others if you disregard the footy😅

Shag marry kill. Liam Henderson, Lewis Parker and Jak Haliday?

Killing Hendy, can’t shag or marry that after what he got up to in the bedroom or bathroom the other week 😂, tough one but shag Parker and marry Jak, just for the laughs and entertainment value 😂

Lastly, how would you like to see the club improve in the near future and what changes would you like to see?

Again we all more than likely broken records but, the club needs to get in to modern days. We are so far behind, I’d also like more communication and interaction from the club and bit more from the media side catering facilities of course, something to get you interested before a game. Even if it’s in the club house or in beer garden bit, they is motivation to get down early or enter the ground until 2.59 on a matchday.