Fan Q&A – Cole Williams

As one of the newer faces on the terraces, what got you into following Spartans and why’d you love it so much?

I don’t actually know; I’d probably have to say playing for the juniors and getting in for a quid when I had my jacket on kicked it off. Not being a Toon fan probably helped too as it was the only local football I really cared about.

I’d say the Birmingham game was what made me fall in love with the club, being 11 years old and part of that atmosphere was amazing, but hats off to the Marine game in 2016 too, big game, season closer, getting chased from Croft park to the beach by a bloke in a spider man suit as a 13 year old was something else too, the excitement of non-league football as a kid just draws you in from the off.

Biggest shithole you’ve been to with Blyth so far?

Tough one as there’s a few and my memory is pretty shit, but a recent trip to Latimer Park (Kettering) may top the list here. Minus the burgers, which are some of the best about to be fair, there’s nothing else on offer there. And if you do fancy a burger, don’t go at half time as the queue is worse than Croft Parks burger van.

Favourite stories/memories from away games over so far?

There’s a few to go for here, and definitely a few to leave out at the same time. I’ll leave out my first trip to Chorley, which was definitely made up by the second earlier this season in the FA cup. Gillies with a late header to send us into the first-round proper sent us into limbs.

But I’m gunna have to say my very favourite includes me and DJ Morton falling down the chairs at the Gateshead International Stadium when Robbie Dale absolutely rifled one across the keeper and sealed a 3-2 win for us. Certainly, made my day and definitely my Christmas too.

Won’t forget to mention Gloucester away, and a trip to what I believe was an ASDA which ended up with me riding around the shop aisle by aisle on young Owens back. Was fun while it lasted, which wasn’t very long as spaghetti legs over here couldn’t hold me and run at the same time. Think a majority of the stories I’ve got are better kept quiet for the sake of the lads.

Can you please explain to ladies and gentlemen why you were such an state at Chorley early in the year?

Well. Cheltenham, Gold Cup day, spoons 8am, Madri in the high street. That’s the top and bottom of it. Oh and also the fact that I’d never miss a bus like a certain someone after a night on the drink, cough cough Sellar🙄

With Fents in charge, are you confident he’ll bring in the right players and pull us out the shite?

’ll be honest, I’ve got full faith in Fenton, and I really think he can take us as far as board back him to. As a few people know, I’m there every training session, and near enough every game, so I’ve seen a lot more of him than most fans this time round, and the difference in sessions between now and previous managers from the session right down to the players morale is just incredible. The football we’ve played since he came in has been a massive improvement to previous, and once we’ve got that goal scorer, I think we will be more than safe from the drop.

Shag marry kill – Nixon, Sellar or Tony Young?

Stitched me up here haven’t you, Christ where do I even start. I’m going to have to shag Nixon, he’s got that experience, and I’m not doubting Tony here I just think for a little lad like me he’s a bit aggressive. I’ll marry him though, because he’s definitely better looking than Sellar, and he would be much better at spooning me to sleep.

Favourite Spartans player of all time and why?

I’d go with the classic Sir Robbie Dale here, and I don’t think that needs an explanation. But there’s a few worth mentioning, Cal Roberts is on my list, even thought it was just a short stint, because he was just an absolute joke. One of those players, like Robbie who you just watch and wonder how on earth they do what they do.

Who’s the worst and who’s the best drinkers you’ve seen on supporters busses over the years?

There’s only one on my list for worst drinker and I think that goes to Owen Elliott. I’ll never forget him sobering up and then spewing at the smell of my arse on the way home from Chorley either hahahaha. There’s some canny drinkers down the back of the bus too, Pie can put some drink away and so can Mr Rolls but I’m gonna give big John Auld a mention too, because I’ve seen him sink a fair few cans when he fancies it. Honourable mention to Sellar here, who someone functioned perfectly after a whole bottle of Jäger away to York last season.

Lastly, how would you like to see the club improve in the near future and what changes would you like to see?

One of the changes I think would be mentioned by most supporters, and it’s the match day catering, we could definitely do with another burger van or something along those lines. In future I’d like to see the board invest a bit more money too, I get it can be tough in times like this and I think recently they’ve shown a bit more will, which I’d like to see continue.

Spending money to make money is the big one for me, asking for those bigger crowds of 11/1200 is a massive ask unless we start showing we deserve those numbers. Like I said before I think the last few weeks have shown promise so I guess time will tell on this one.

There are also times where we need to appeal to fans more, a few clubs on Saturday offered discounted tickets to football league season ticket holders to bring numbers through the gates during the World Cup, and I think the idea which was put forward of the cheaper entry for Toon/Sunderland/Boro season ticket holders was a great shout so credit to whoever thought of that.