End of season Update

Morning all and welcome to what is a sort of end of season update from ourselves and update you on the progress of the supporters trust so far.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all again for your support this season. So we can begin focusing on next season, I figured we best get the prize draws out way with for April & May this year.

With everything going on at the club at the moment I figured £50 bus vouchers would be the easiest thing’s to sort out at the moment, so congratulations firstly to Martyn Hastings who wins the prize draw for April and £50 credit. The May prize draw was won by our own Jack Morton, but he instead to decided to defer the prize to awayday regular Sam Haldane, who’s recently been hospitalised after contracting a bad case of Meningitis.

Though still in hospital – Sam is seemingly on the mend, thankfully. I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing Sam all the best and hope he makes a very speedy recovery.

At the moment the move to becoming a full Supporters Trust is progressing slowly, which is to be expected with this process. We are currently working our way through the ‘new trust crib sheet’ and working out the initial set up fee’s etc – which should be done and dusted sometime in May. Obviously the move to a Trust isn’t a simple one and we want to do this properly, so it will take time. As ever though we will keep you all up to date with how that is progressing.

At present we have 82 people signed up for the 2024/25 membership package, which is sublime! Once the next 18 people have signed up the draw for the signed Peter Jeffries shirt will be done. If you’re still looking to get signed up, you can find all the information you’ll need here.

Our annual end of season supporters survey is also now live, and you can complete that here.

The football club contacted us about a survey and we did initially suggest that it should be done by the club directly. However after a bit of dialogue, we agreed to do this years survey in the same fashion we have for years. The club have said that they will sit down and go through the survey with us once it’s done, and we’ll look to report back you all on the outcome of that meeting as soon as it happens.

This years survey will be open from today (27 April) and will be closed next Saturday (4 May) so if you’ve got any relatives or mates that aren’t on social media, please send them the link to the survey as ideally we need as many people getting their view points across.

Lastly, it’s that time of year where we’ll need to fork out some money to re-register our domain name and pay our web fee’s and all that jazz. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the site for the 2024/25 season (which hit nearly 50,000 views this season) then please get in touch. The fee to advertise for the year will be £30.

Both the mobile and web versions of the website will be getting a bit of face lift in the coming weeks, and any adverts will be placed in some more prominent locations.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Grant Phillips at Premier Choice, who’s already renewed for next season.