Buxton Bus – 26 August

Finally sorted for the bank holiday trip to Buxton.

Bus will be leaving from Blyth at 9am from Spoons, then from the usual bus stop next to the Bunker in Delaval for about 9:10am before picking up in Cramlington for 9:15am.

  • Members – £30
  • Non members – £35

For payment, please send monies to the usual account. Full payment for the bus will be needed in advance again, so if you’re up for it please get your monies in ASAP;

Dan Rolls – 10594849 – 20-25-36

Plan will be to land at the Wye Bridge (Wetherspoons) and have a few pints, before getting back on the bus for 2:15pm and heading up to the ground for a few more pints and 3 points.

To book on, drop us a message on any of the socials or email danrolls94@hotmail.com.