A fan’s guide to Blyth Spartans

If it’s your first time coming to Croft Park to support Blyth, you’re coming back after a few years away or you’re visiting as an away fan, hopefully this handy guide to all things Blyth will be a help!

Croft Park

For a ground that’s over 100 years old, Croft Park is in pretty good condition! The main stand (Port of Blyth stand) had the bottom half redesigned and had some extra seats added in 2007. It’s usually an extra £2 to sit in the main stand which holds about 500ish seats, but it does get pretty cold in the winter Months.

The old fed shed (think it’s actually called the Fergy Space stand, but it’ll always be the fed shed to us) has been around since before the Romans came up here but It’s got a lot of character. Somehow the roof is still standing despite feeling like it’s going to be blown off with the slightest gust of wind. Mind it did blow off once a few years back. No catering or bog on this side of the ground though sadly, so it’s a long walk round the ground for a piss or for something to eat.

The Plessey Road end is where Spartans usually shoot towards in the first half and is used as the away end for segregated games. The old ash bank was demolished in 2004 and replaced with a concrete terrace, then had a metal cover added in the summer of 2007. Has a bog at the end of the terracing, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

As for the Croftway end, this side is closest to the Clubhouse (which comes in very when wa playing shite) and also had it’s ash bank removed in 2004, then later had a metal cover added in the summer of 2009 thanks to the FA Cup run money. This end is the traditional home end in 2nd half and for segregated games.


On a normal matchday parking around Croft Park isn’t the best. Most park in and around the streets of the ground and surrounding area. On a busy matchday however, people have been known to park all over the place. The car park at the ground is very small and is reserved for players and officials.


If you’re after some bait at the ground there’s a burger van near the Croftway end so.. try it for yourself and let us know what you think! If you’re an away fan where it’s segregated, you’ll have your own burger van in the Plessey end and Christ knows what that’ll be like.

As you come into the ground you have Gino’s, a well-known chippy that usually knocks out some solid bait at a reasonable price. As it’s right at the entrance to the Croftway end, it’s usually very busy with home fans and of course away fans when it comes to big games.

There’s also Broadway Chippy that’s located closer to the Kingsway end. I’ve never bothered with it myself for ages, but It’s well regarded by most of the lads who visit it.

On your way into Blyth (via Whitley Bay) you have Coastline chippy which has won a few national awards but is usually deemed a bit overpriced. However, it is on the sea front, so it’s pretty popular with the locals.

Pubs – The most important bit!

Despite losing a few decent pubs over the years Blyth still has a canny few watering holes worth a visit. The Clubhouse of course is worth a trip with Peroni, Corona and Tiger available in bottles as well as cans of Madri and Red Stripe. On tap they have Stella, Fosters, Carling as well as the usual array of ciders, a few ales and spirits a plenty. Fortunately, the clubhouse is very reasonably priced but be warned if Ben’s serving you as he’s rather fond of juggling pint glasses. It also has BT Sport which usually showcases the early kick off on a matchday and Champions League games on a midweek game.

It also has the world (wey not quite but close enough) famous shy’s pies on offer for £2 each. Usually served by Pieface himself, a succulent man most would say. Shy’s bait is quality so come and take them of our hands!

Down the road from the ground, you have The Masons Arms which was the main watering hole of Spartans fans in years gone by but it’s a bit more up market these days. It has some decent pints on offer such as Madri, and offers some decent food.

A favourite of ours is just next door, that being The Sports and Social Club (more commonly known as the Sporty) that offers cheap pints and spirits, has BT and Sky Sports and features multiple pool tables, a dart board and a jukebox that’s actually kept up to date (a rarity in Blyth). Some of locals/regulars are delightful but watch out for the dinosaur!

The local Wetherspoons in the town centre (The Wallaw) has been open about 10 years now, and it’s starting to show a bit of wear and tear now. It’s still an okay place for a pint and offers standard spoons bait which is very hit and miss.

You also have the Waterloo which can be a bit wild at times but it’s usually a good laugh. Pints are more or less fine, has the usual range of pool tables and dartboards. Got plenty of bandits as well so prepare to lose some money. Recently just had a new owner in.

If you’re lucky enough to be stopping in or around Blyth, then lucky you! You’ve got 2 delectable ‘night clubs’ to choose from. First up is The Quay, which is erm… interesting. You’re certainly in for a laugh one way or another. You’ve also got Deja vu which is slightly better, the music is bearable, and they sell cans of Red Stripe so what more could you want?

Where to stay

The Commissioners Quay has 40 contemporary en-suite bedrooms, so it’s the main place to stay in Blyth. It’s also a restaurant and bar as well that does some decent food and has a wide range of drinks but it’s a bit costly!

You also have the Oddfellows which has a few rooms available which is just round the corner from the Commissioners. Will likely be much cheaper and the bait’s a bit more reasonable. Pints are sound as well.

The nearest other hotels would be a Premier Inn at Cramlington/Moor Farm and a Travelodge. Both are taxi ride away from the town/ground.

The Lads

Leading the line we have former Newcastle United youngster Lewis McNall, who after a few years out injured following 2 bad ACL injuries has established himself as Spartans main man with (at the time of writing) 6 goals in all competitions so far. A left footer who’s a deadly finisher, it’s just a shame about his shite trim.

Next up is JJ O’Donnell, another player who overcame as massive injury earlier in his career. JJ often players in the number 10 role creating chances for himself and the lads. He was the main reason Spartans stayed up last season, scoring some crucial goals at the end of the season. Mind he will talk you to death when it comes to football.

Other stand out players this season have been Alex Nicholson, an all rounder in defence with an incredible work rate. Very good going forward. Also, we have Jordan Hickey, another worker who battles in the midfield all day long. For some reason he turns into a goal machine in pre-season. Other experienced players to watch out for are Josh Gillies, Nicky Deverdics and Michael Liddle.

And there’s Rhys Evans. Also known as Rhys Van Dijk. A fan favourite for most and our longest serving player. I don’t like saying nice things about him as his head will get too big and with a hairline like his, that’s not something he can afford to have happen.

The Gaffer

Fents is an old crowd favourite, former Premier League player, destroyer of Newcastle United’s title dreams, a decent bloke and apparently a decent drinker.

Graham has had a fair bit of success at North Shields and South Shields before taking over as Blyth gaffer in August this year. Still early in his reign and trying to shape the team in his own vision, Fents will be keen to pull the lads up the league table and go on a proper cup run again.