Fan Q&A – Liam ‘the whopper’ Henderson

If you couldn’t tell were starting to scrape the barrel with Q&A’s now, so drop Rollsie a message if you’re up for being asked some daft shit.

Hendy you’re known as a bit of a player, how many birds do you reckon you’ve shagged? If you can count that high that is.

I’ve lost count, over 60 it’s got to be near enough a 100. On a serious note I need to restart a list again it’s a new one everyone weekend!

You’ve been coming to Blyth since you were a young kid, who’s been your favourite player over the years and why?

Favourite player was Peter Jeffries. I was training Tuesday and Thursday with him in the Tom Wade day,s what I seen him do in training was unbelievable. I know people say Adam Bartlett and Peter Jameson were better but that guy is a cat trust me!

Shag marry kill – Dan Rolls, Dan Hume or Dan Haldane?

Shag Humey, Kill Pie and marry Rolls as he’s hung like a horse.

*Editor note – no comment.

Everyone knows ya Fatha grafts his arse of for the club. Any good stories you can give is on just how much work he does? *Hendy’s Dad is the clubs groundsman for those who don’t know.

My Dad put some hours in. I remember one time I never seen him for 24 hours once he was at graft and sometimes he would be at work 16 hours a day 7 days a week he loves the club!

How much of your clobber do you get off DHgate? *If you’ve ever seen Hendy on a night out, he’ll usually be wearing some dodgy shite that’s 100% polyester and a total fire hazard.

Not a lot there there a few bits in me wardrobe not much but a few things! Let’s not talk about that Ranger shirt though..

You’ve seen probably as many managers as me, who do you reckon has been the best and why?

For me the best manager was Alun Armstrong. The way he had the squad playing was class, maybe If we had 1/2 more players we would of been playing conference and a lot of people said the squad was there for him but for me his man management skills were unbelievable, great bloke to!!!

Shag marry kill – Calvo, Tom Nixon and Tony Young?

Kill Tom Nixon (*think Hendy might genuinely take pleasure in that) shag Calvo and marry Tony Young

Explain this picture..

I went to the barbers and he said can I dye ya beard, and you know I’m up for anything but I didn’t expect anything like that but I was going out on the drink the next day in town so I had to leave it was ridiculous!

Top 3 moments following Spartans ?

Was deffo Stockport County away (in 2017 the Limbs in that end was unbelievable! Another one was when Neil Aldcroft got in at Leyton Orient away saying he was blind because he had sun glasses on! I remember someone helping walking him in was just one of the funniest things I’ve seen! Another moment for me was deffo that FA cup run when we played Hartlepool that deffo up there with one of the best moments of my life.

Lastly, how would you like to see the club improve in the future?

Personally I’d like us to have something South Shields have where they have bands on every weekend a massive marquee and make Spartans the best place to be just moving with the times and also get Madri in!!!!!